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By _vidhi_3015


Nature has its own flaws with unique creatures around holding onto implicit views on looking the world,presumably sensing people's weaknesses and strengths. One such beautiful kind of flawless fault is what God made unpertubed. She is a wonder to everybody around her since the day she is born. She posseses the power to create, amaze, and bear deterrent criticisms thrown at her through how incredibly she believes in gratitude and generosity. She can put on a smile when called just a docile, patient and sensitive girl,during her teenage. While growing up, she feels debarred from doing what she loves to do. For her, prosperity means managing her home well that accentuates the fact that she is a 'valuable female'. Until then, she is considered to be an unfathomable human being. By the time she reaches forty, her personality based on terrible pressures from the society washes out every mark she struggled to scratch on the board of a good daughter, supporting wife and a beloved mother, when she is acknowledged as 'just a housewife'. Even then, she continues to spread joy from her wounded heart to the souls of many aspiring young women. Soon after entering her sixty's, then eighty's, this young butterfly once, turns into an old woman, and lives happily. She is therefore, one of the most magnanimous creatures bestowed with faith,perseverance and tolerance.

I salute every 'SHE' in the world and expect people to start respecting her sacrifices contrasting over the little compromises to be made for acceptance and dignity. After all,'SHE' is a true Goddess in the form of a bonafide female.


Author Notes: Thank you so much for sparing time to read this. Also, an anthology in which I participated is about to be published soon, stay tuned everyone!
Sending good vibes to the readers, stay healthy, happy and safe. 🙏✌️

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5 Jun, 2021
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