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She Let Go

She Let Go

By SilverOaks - 1 Review

Alexa screamed thru the open doorway of her bedroom at her parents, “WHY DO YOU ACT LIKE YOU CARE? YOU HAVE NEVER CARED!” She slammed the door, making a satisfying bang sound. Alexa threw herself onto her bed. They have never cared, Alexa thought, But why would they care about a daughter who could never like up to their expectations? The expectations set so high by Kala. Kala, she makes me sick. So perfect, always with good grades, good boyfriend, good everything…… Well I could be just as great if they would give me the chance to be me. Alexa sat up, looking around her once shared room. It was mostly a storage room now. All of Kala’s things that she couldn’t take with her to college, now sat in half packed boxes scattered around the room.

Alexa could feel tears start to make their way down her face. She stood and slowly walked into the connecting bathroom. Even in here there were boxes of Kala’s unneeded things, and here was Alexa, broken and forgotten among all the boxes. Looking in the mirror, she could see all the things wrong with her. Her nose was too small, she was too pale, her frizzy black hair made her look like a ghost, dark black circles under her once vibrant green eyes. Alexa turned away from her reflection ashamed of herself. Finding Kala’s box with all her unwanted shower stuff, she reached in and pulled out a rusty razor.

Cradling the razor in her hands, she returned to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed for a moment, she set the razor to the side and stood again. Walking over to her dresser, she grabbed the art set she had gotten from her best friend for her 16th birthday, not that any of that mattered now. Returning to the bed, she sat down and opened the kit. Taking a red marker and a piece of paper, she wrote a letter to her family and her friends. Finishing that and setting it next to her, she then grabbed the razor again. With a quiet snapping sound, she broke it and pulled one of the rusty blades free.

Holding it in her left hand, she started to write words on her right forearm. The bite of the blade felt like heaven against her skin. Alexa let out a small sigh before switching hands and doing the same to her other arm. The sting left behind from the blade didn’t bother her, it just made her more determined. Slipping off her pants she repeated the process with both legs. She could feel the blood slipping away taking with it her life. Alexa connected in her blurry mind that she was almost done. Bringing the blade back up, she cut her cheeks and under her eyes. Alexa knew that the last thing to do was to bring the blade to her wrists. Setting the blade in the position that would end her misery, she whispered “I’m sorry guys.” With that she pulled and faded into the blackness.

Two hours later Alice Kale went to apologise to her teenage daughter. Upon opening the door to her bedroom, Mrs. Kale let out a blood curdling scream. Mr. Kale rushed to see what had caused his wife to scream like that. When he reached the doorway, he saw his wife cradling their youngest daughter's dead body.

Kala was in class when the call came. Her father's flat voice saying that her little sister was dead, that she had committed suiside. Letting out a sob, she sank to the floor and curled into a ball. She cried as her friends and classmates hovered over her, worried about her, but she could only hear her sweet Alexa’s laugh ring in her ears.

A week later

Kala and her parents sat in their living room in shock. They had just watched as their youngest family member had been laid into the ground and buried. Alexa’s suisied note sat on the glass coffee table in front of them. Kala picked it up and read it crying the whole time.

Dear Family and my Friends,

I am sorry. Sorry it came to this that I could not stand to live in this world any longer. I want you to know that none of this is any of your faults. It's all mine. Maybe if I had been stronger I would have been able to survive. I'm sorry I was weak and broken. Know that wherever I am I’m watching over you.



Author Notes: This happened to one of my really good friends, her sister committed suicide because she felt unwanted. Please always tell people how much you care about them. It may not seem like very little to you but it can mean the world to someone who is contemplating suicide.(All names in the story have been changed for confidentiality)

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26 Mar, 2020
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