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She Lost All Hope

She Lost All Hope

By PatriciaLynnSlaughter20

Once upon a time, there was a 13 year old girl. She loved being with her friends and looking up at the sky during the night. One morning, she woke up to find a text message that wasn’t so sweet. After she read it, she got off her lap top and phone, she sat on her bed quiet as a mouse, thinking. When she was ready to face the situation she got back on her lap top and replied to this person as nice as possible. Now, this person wasn’t very understanding, they were just rude. After a while of trying to reason with this girl, she gave up. Hours later, she was getting more text messages, but this time from multiple different people. She couldn’t handle it anymore so she thought the solution was suicide. She began cutting herself after doing it so much she began cutting deeper and deeper. Some left scars. Some just left scratches. But she couldn’t take it anymore; she wasn’t able to do it on her own, so she finally spoke to her parents about it. She told them what’s been going on and how bad it’s escalated since it first started. Her parents said if it’s getting this bad, we will go to the school board. It stopped for a couple weeks then it began again. But this time it was much, much worse than before. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she went to her parents again. They took her to the school and had her tell them what was going on. The school promised they would take care of it. They talked to the students who were picking on her. The students got punished but they didn’t learn their lesson; they continued bullying the girl because they thought it was funny. They didn’t think it was so funny when two of the girls walked in the bathroom at the school and the girl they had been picking on was laying on the floor passed out and her arm all bloody. One girl stayed with the other while the second one ran and got an adult. After thatd, they didn’t pick on her any more because they found out.....they pushed the poor girl so far she took a pencil went in the bathroom and cut her arm. She cut so deep she hit her vein and blood came rushing out. She lost so much blood she passed out and she was there on the floor passed out for about an hour. But no one knew she was in there or where she had been no one really payed attention to her at school. She ended up going to the hospital for a couple weeks. The girls that used to pick on her visited her while she was in the hospital. It took a couple days for her to gain consciousness again. It took her a while to get strong enough to actually leave the hospital bed. When she got out of the hospital some of the girls that picked on her became her friends and all the rest picked on her even more, worse than any other time before. Her new friends stood up for her and everyone realized it was time to give up but they still didn’t. When they heard a girl jumped off a bridge because she got bullied so bad all they did was laugh. Then they walked up to this girl the next day and said I wish that was you that jumped off the bridge you, don’t deserve to be here, can you just go and die no one needs you here so good bye. That night the girl sat up thinking about all of this. She cried for hours straight in the shower that way no one could hear her. She didn’t show her face at school for about a month people started talking and saying she was dead. But she was most certainly not dead she was just getting her head together in a different place. Turns out her parents sent her to Florida to live with her nana and papa for a month or two. That way she could get away from everything for a while. While she was there she rode on gators, swam with the baby crocs, caught little baby lizards and went mudding and fishing. She had a great time but things changed real fast when she got back home. She wanted to move to Florida but her parents wouldn’t let her run from her problems. They put her in karate and taught her boxing. She was strong but still got picked on. The day before Halloween at school a boy came up to her and started talking to her some of his friends came around the corner and he slapped her across the face. He did that because he kissed her but he didn't want his friends knowing he liked her so he just hit her. She had a mark on her face from how hard he had hit her. She didn't do any thing to him but then he shoved her and she fell to the floor. She couldn't take it any more so she got up and said, what's your problem? He said you your my problem you are always in my way and I'm tired of it. Your a waste of space you should have never came to this school you don't belong here. Go back to where you came from. You aren’t any use to this school. We don't need you so just go. She ran to the bath room shut the door and locked it. She couldn't stop crying because of everything. She took her phone out made a video saying I'm done I can't take this anymore. I can't seem to find who I am and no one will give me a chance. So maybe this is what's meant to be. Goodbye! I hope everyone is happy I believe I'm doing the right thing. By the time anyone sees this I won't be alive. Then she posted it.  Now this was during school the only one that saw it was her friend. She ran out of the classroom went to the bathroom and tried to open the door. It was locked she got a janitor to open it and she went in. The girl was on the floor and blood was everywhere. She had stuck a knife in her stomach. Her friend began crying she called the ambulance they got here as soon as they could. Everyone in the school now knew the girl that use to be invisible to everyone. Her and her friend went to the hospital her parents were notified and they met up at the hospital. Her friend refused to leave her in the hospital alone she wanted to be the first one she saw when she woke up, (if she ever did wake up.) She had lost a lot of  blood but the doctor's were able to save her. She woke up 3 days later. Her friend was so happy she was alive. That day everything had changed for the girl. But the bullying never stopped. You would think people knew to knock it off when the victim gets put in a hospital but I guess teens these days don’t learn their lessons. If they did they would have knocked it off a long time ago. Soon enough the girl was healthy enough to leave the hospital and go back to school. After this happened an adult or her friend never left her side. Not once! But that doesn’t mean the bullying let off, it still continued. After a while she thought she would have got use to it. Some things didn't bother her while others bothered her very much. One day it got to much for her and she walked up to the kid that had been bullying her online and punched him in the face she gave him a broken nose. After that she felt pretty confident. The bullying continued all year long everyday it would get worse. But she handled it well. The end of the year came and school was over it became summer. She thought the bullying would go away for the summer but she was wrong. All though she did make new friends. Her summer was good but there were still kids that picked on her. She tried not letting it bother her. But sometimes it would get to her. And she began cutting again. She went back to thinking suicide was her answer for her problems. Even though it wasn’t the answer for anything and it never would be.

Author Notes: Just remember that anything you say can affect anyone and once it is said there is no taking it back. If you do something you can't change it or undo it. So just be careful on what you say and do cause once it's said or done it is in the world and some things you can't fix.

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22 Nov, 2015
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