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She Wolf Pt. 5
She Wolf Pt. 5

She Wolf Pt. 5


I stood in silence, unable to move. He glided towards me, it seemed effortless and graceful and somehow deadly. As he got closer, a growl inadvertently escaped me. I felt a change coming and I instantly felt terrified. Something about Kyle was very different and the she wolf within me didn’t like it. The growl didn’t scare him, in fact it seemed to excite him instead. I backed away from him, my body reeling in pain. I could see a sly smile on his face as I tried to collect myself.

“That morgue we have…it’s a wonderful place. Crappy way to wake up though, a little claustrophobic. Tight spaces really aren’t my thing.” Kyle said in a cocky manner. He explained that I did very much kill him. When his body was brought to the morgue, it was left on a table in the inspection room. Before the morgue attendant could get to it, a vampire had stolen Kyle’s body and nearly drained him of his remaining blood. This was all a little much for me.

“First I find out there are werewolves, now I find out there are also vampires. What the actual shit.” I sat down on the arm of the couch. This was getting ridiculous, there was a fucking Twilight movie going on in my living room. I felt sad as I took in everything going on. My best friend was gone. It wasn’t the same Kyle that I had known and loved. I felt as though there was more to the story, it was vague and the vampire left nameless, but he refused to elaborate further. Kyle walked away and slipped into the washroom without another word, the sound of the shower starting broke the silence.

My cell phone started ringing shortly after that, interrupting my thoughts. It was Tom, I had forgotten my jacket at the church and he was headed over to drop it off. After a half hour he arrived, letting himself in. Tom tensed up as he took in the different scent. I mouthed Kyle’s name to him and pointed towards my bedroom. He look very concerned and rushed towards my room where we found Kyle lying on the bed with his arms behind his head.

“What are you doing here? Who did this to you?” Tom started aggressively. Clearly he was aware of something I wasn’t, as per usual.

“Whoa, whoa there buddy, a little hello, nice to see you would have been acceptable.” Kyle said as he sat up. Tom was visibly annoyed. Before he could grab Kyle’s leg, he found himself pinned against the wall. Kyle’s teeth were out as he hissed at Tom, his look of amusement no longer present. I was bewildered at the animosity between both parties. Kyle’s head shot up as though someone had called his name, with the blink of an eye, he was gone.

“Cyril is back.” Tom sighed, and motioned me to follow him. We walked next door to his place. He brought me inside his library. The room was large and round and every inch of wall was covered in books. I‘d never been in here before, the door was always locked previously. On his desk lay a large old book and he flipped through it as I looked around the room. His collection was captivating.

“Found it!” he shouted suddenly. I walked over to him and leaned against the desk. He pointed at the page in the old book, it had the name Cyril Arius on the top and a sketch of a handsome but eerie man. The page beside it had a mini-biography of this Cyril character. Tom gave me a cliff notes version.

He explained Cyril was an experiment gone wrong back in the eighteenth century. There was a mad scientist (Dr. Nathaniel Arius), adamant in finding a cure for his dying brother Cyril. He was dying from a severe fever and his health was depleting at a fast pace. Dr. Arius had made a healing concoction and fed it to his brother. His health improved at first, his color returning, but later that same night, Cyril suddenly passed. Nathaniel found his dead brother in the morning, laying lifeless in his bed. The defeated scientist had failed, or so he thought. They had the funeral service and burial that same day. No one showed up, except for Dr. Arius. The town folk were scared of the Arius family. There were whispers that their science was mysterious and morally questionable.

Nathaniel sat next to Cyril’s grave for hours, not wanting to leave his brother. He fell asleep while leaning against the tombstone and woke up to the sound of his brother’s voice. He was horrified to see his supposed dead brother standing over him. His eyes were wild, animal like. His concoction had worked, but not how he had intended. Cyril jumped his brother before anything could be said and drained him of his blood. Unsatisfied, he headed towards town, trying to quench his thirst for blood. It was a massacre. It wasn’t long before word spread about this evil creature, the term vampire came to life in a news headline and had been used to describe them ever since. Cyril has tried many times since then to create an army of vampires. His last attempt was in the late nineteen twenties. His attempts had ended when a witch named Priscilla cursed him, causing his coffin to seal shut with him inside. The witch had eternal life and the only way this curse could have been broken was if Priscilla were killed.


His voice was so loud in my head, he beckoned me to his side. I wanted to stay just a little longer. But something within overtook me, forcing me to obey. I moved quickly, unseen by the human eye. Being a vampire was pretty bad ass, even though I was a total asshole now. I really couldn’t help it, it’s like someone pressed the override button in my brain. Might as well embrace the inevitable, no sense brooding over it, not like I could or wanted to anyways.

I arrived at Cyril’s mansion of a home. “I told you not to go there.” Cyril said angrily. I needed to see Jane just one more time, I couldn’t help but still be attached to her. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Though I also had a new sense of hate. I wasn’t bitter towards her, not like she knew what was going on the night she killed me. The feeling of hate was more towards her kind, it was embedded in me.

“Did you forget I can see everything you do? All I need to do is tap into your mind.” Cyril continued. He was clearly not impressed. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” I replied quickly, rolling my eyes.

“No it won’t, Jack here, will be keeping a very close eye on you.” Cyril motioned towards the one eyed vampire that was known as his right hand man. He sort of looked like the monster from The Goonies movie, but with one eye.

“Fucking fantastic.” I said as I sighed loudly at the thought of having a babysitter. Jack gave a wicked smile and motioned me to follow him. Weeks of torturous training followed, Cyril demanded I mastered all of my new abilities. Jack taught me how to be faster, channel my strength, showed me how to fight and how to be persuasive. He explained their history and ensured I knew my place in the hierarchy, which was somewhere near the bottom.

“Your next lesson will be how to control your hunger. This is the most important lesson, my favorite. You will learn the concept of mind over matter.” Jack exclaimed as he grabbed my arm and threw me in a coffin nearby. I could hear him secure it shut, and I started to protest!

“You cyclops mother fucker, let me out!” Cyril was in the room, I could sense it.

“Hush young one, you will spend the next two weeks in there and learn to control your urges.” This was final, no amount of fussing would let me out of this damn closed space. The shitty part was, I couldn’t sleep through this bullshit, or at least I hadn’t since my ‘resurrection’.

“I really don’t know how keeping me in here will do that, but whatever you say boss. Can I at least get some entertainment items in here?!” I could hear them exit the room shortly after, this was going to be a long couple weeks.


“Are you going to tell him?” Jack asked with an intrigued look in his eye. It wasn’t the first time I had tried something like this, it could either go great or terribly wrong…

Jack had sacrificed a lot for me, his face was proof of it. He was once a beautiful man, one with stunning features, his face was destroyed while battling Priscilla trying to free me. When he finally found me, after killing the witch, Jack told me about a death in the werewolf community. He explained Kyle was human but had been attacked to death by a new werewolf.

In order to create a vampire, the individual needs to be recently deceased, but not for an extended period of time. Seeing Kyle had infected blood due to the werewolf attack, it was the opportune time to see if I could re-create a hybrid breed.

Hybrids had been an interest of mine for a long while. Before Priscilla sealed my coffin, I was studying and experimenting on different creatures. All of which had yet to succeed. It had caused a lot of problems in the mortal world which is why Priscilla locked me away, she knew I wouldn’t stop until I succeeded. Kyle was my last resort, it was the first time we could get our hands on a werewolf body to experiment.

“Only if it succeeds.” I responded to Jacks question.

Author Notes: Editor: James Armes

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