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Shelby Stone

Shelby Stone

By lillith123

Shelby was in grade 3 and got what ever she wanted when ever she wanted. When she asked for crayons she would get her crayons. The kids in her class called her Snobby Shelby. When ever she was mean to one of the other kids she would easily get away with it and then bully the kids that told on her. One day Shelby was playing in the court yard when a boy came and tripped. He landed on Shelby. He tried to say sorry but Shelby hand her fist in his face before he knew it. This went on for many many years. Until grade 8. Shelby was still acting the same way until a teacher saw her. Shelby had one of her class mates on the ground and she was hitting her over and over again. The teacher ran up and took Shelby by the arm and to the parking lot. "Stay here or else" the teacher said and she went back to the school and grabbed the other girl and brought her around and sat her beside Shelby. "Do you have something to say Shelby?" the teacher asked. "No" Shelby said. The teacher got both of the girls into the school and sat Shelby's classmate down in a chair then took Shelby by the arm to her car. There the teacher put Shelby in the back and started to drive."Where are we going? Shelby asked after 10 minutes in the car. "Somewhere far from school" the teacher replied. After another 10 minutes of driving, the reached a little house in the country. "Get out"The teacher said. "No" Shelby replied. "Fine" the teacher mumbled. The teacher got out of the car and walked over to Shelby's side and grabbed her by the arm and directed her to the front step. "Knock" The teacher said. "No" Shelby replied. The teacher got down to eye level with Shelby "If you keep saying no to what i said"by this time the teacher was shaking Shelby "I will put you in the back of my car and drive you to the middle of no where and throw you out!" The teacher stood up. Shelby backed up a little from her teacher "No"Shelby said softly. The teacher picked up Shelby and threw her in the back of her car, the drove and drove and drove. Until the reached the middle of know where. The teacher opened Shelby's door and walked her to a sign, she sat her down, walked back to her car and drove away. Shelby had know clue where she was. She was alone and didn't have any food.

From that day on the school never heard of Shelby again and all the students were really glad that it was a Shelby free school. In memory of her the made a stone called Shelby Stone, because that was one thing Shelby always did, was throw stones and hurt kids.

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6 Sep, 2011
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2 mins
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