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She'll Always Miss Her.
She'll Always Miss Her.

She'll Always Miss Her.

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She'll always miss her.

It's been two weeks since she last saw her. She thought maybe, just maybe she can start to move on see the good side of life again rather than thinking how she could end it.

She'll always miss her.

Walking on the decaying leaves that crisp under her boots as she walks across the old stone path, the sound they made where one of her favourite sounds, she never knew why it was just, just an uplifting thing for her, something she could never fully explain.
There she was. The sound of the leaves under her boots had stopped. She looked. Tears formed. She closed her eyes and remembered the days that once where. She ran her fingers across her name and under her breath she said it. "Chloe..."

She'll always miss her.

A single tear fell down her face and onto the ground only to be soaked up by the soil and disappear forever.

She loved her. She needed her. She misses her. It had been two weeks since she last saw her grave but all that strength she had built up to not come and see her instantly disappeared as soon as she walked past the old blossom tree planted in the middle of the park. The ground surrounded the tree was being suffocated by the layers of blossom covering it, she walked up to the tree and picked up a handful of blossom then went to her grave. She is there now slowly and carefully spreading the blossom petals across the ground. She's sat there with silent tears falling down her face and onto the ground.

She'll always miss her.

Author Notes: So this is my second story on here! Reviews are really appreciated, sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistakes my computer doesn't have spell check.

D xx

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6 Nov, 2016
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