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Who was this unknown cloaked figure? Why was its face concealed? Was it the owner of the beast?

The figure came down towards Watson and I and stopped about ten feet away.

It threw back its hood – revealing a most shocking secret.

The figure turned out to be a vampire-like man with pale white skin, dark, tunnel-like eyes, a bald head and a chilling stare.

The scarred hands, which had been concealed by the cloak, were pale like the face and the nails were more like claws.

Worst of all, the man was an old acquaintance of mine – an acquaintance, who up until now, I believed to be dead – the man, who I had sent plunging to his death at the Reichenbach falls in Switzerland.

It was none other than Professor Moriarty.

“I don’t believe it,” said I. “Professor James Moriarty.”

“No Mr Holmes, I am James’s twin Brother Jack,” the man said in a cold, chilling tone of voice.

I was baffled.

“His twin Brother?” Watson asked.

“James never told me he has a twin,” said I.

“James told me that if anything were to happen to him, I must take his place as mastermind criminal.”

I was stunned by what I was hearing.

Jack turned to Watson.

“I know all about you Doctor Watson.”

“Am I right in suspecting that you are behind all that has been going on around here?” asked Watson.

“Yes, Doctor Watson, I am behind everything.”

“Tell us all,” I said.

“Well, Mr Holmes, it all began after the death of Kernel Sebastian Moran.

“Secretly, I began to gain criminal-class followers – in order to form a super criminal organization – an organization far larger than my brother’s.

“My organization began in the London underworld, before spreading to secret locations in the British Isles and every country in Europe.

“However, it won’t end there – far from it. This is just the beginning.”

“Just the beginning?” Watson asked.

“Just the beginning. I’m going to gather more and more folowers, in order to expand my organization to the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, the world. A new world super criminal order will emerge in my name.”

“World domination?” asked I.

“Yes Mr Holmes.”

For a moment, I thought about the villains I had faced throughout my career, including Jack Stapleton, Charles Augustus Milverton, Kernel Sebastian Moran, Jonathan Small, Mortimer Tregennis and the infamous, James Moriarty, but none of them compared to the ruthless tyrant, which stood before me.

Never before had I seen such lust for destructive power in one’s eyes.

I then thought about the goings on in the area where I was and wondered what vile plans Jack had for the rest of the world.

“You must have travelled a lot?” Watson asked.

“Indeed. I’ve been to Tibet, China, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Madagascar, Canada, the heart of the Amazon, the United States and Europe of course.

“Tell us about your time in the Amazon,” said Watson.

“Well, while I was travelling through the rainforest, I came across this enormous plateau – a plateau inhabited by savages and dinosaurs.”

I stared at the creature, which lay before me.

“Is this creature one of them?” I asked.

“Yes Mr Holmes.

“I’ve seen more of these in action – either hunting down prey in packs, or alone. When hunting alone, they prey on creatures – around the size of sheep, cows and foals. They even prey on savages.”

“A parallel description to what has been going on round here,” said Watson.

“So you survived out there all alone?” I asked.

“No Mr Holmes, I was not alone. Only a fool would be crazy enough to do such a thing.”

“Who did you take with you?” Watson asked.

“A couple of people who you and Mr Holmes know.”

I was puzzled.

“Go on,” I said.

“David and Carpenter went with me.”

Both Watson and myself were stunned.

“Well you won’t be seeing them again,” said Watson.

“Why not?”

“Because they were caught by a nearby farmer and his two workers, while running back down the lane and now await the police.”

“That’s no concern of mine,” Jack said. “Neither of them, are of any use to me now.”

“Tell me Jack, how did the three of you manage to get this animal away from the plateau undetected?” I asked.

“We stole an egg from a nest, while the mother was absent and brought it to one of my hideouts beneath London. There we were able to raise the animal from birth.”

A sudden thought occurred to me.

“How is it that Carpenter and David were working for my brother Mycroft, while they were working for you too? I asked. “How did they even come to know him?”

“Neither of them knows Mycroft, nor were they working for him.”

I was baffled.

“Explain?” I asked.

“Neither my onetime associates, nor anyone else around here are acquainted with your brother.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Watson said.

Neither did it make sense to me.

“I came down here, disguised as Mycroft and made myself well known. That way, I was able to make people believe that David and Carpenter worked for him. I fooled them all completely, as I did you two.”

Things were looking most unclear.

“Why come down here in the first place?” asked Watson.

“I had to learn the geography of the area – the lie of the land, farms, mine buildings, the village, all that kind of thing.”

That made sense.

“Soon after that, David and I came into the area together with the animal.

“David got a job as a farm worker, while I hid the animal inside an abandoned mine.

“So the stage for my masterplan was set.

“Every night I went to a different farm and set the beast on the livestock. The farmers were terrified and believed the animal to be a supernatural beast.

“It was then that I got David to ask Mr Tobin to go to Baker Street and bring the pair of you here.

“I ordered Carpenter to disguise himself as a hunchback and shadow the pair of you all the way down here from Baker Street.

“I knew all too well that the case would be most complex and very hard to solve – if not at all, because of the belief system of the locals.”

“Why did you set the animal on Hayley McFadden? Asked Watson.

“Because she sent Mr Holmes a letter, to persuade the pair of you to leave the area.”

That thought had occurred to me already.

“And you wanted her father out of the way in case he went to the police?” I asked.

“You have it Mr Holmes.”

“Why did you have Bailey killed?” asked Watson.

“Because Mr Holmes suspected he was behind the events that had been taking place in the area. So I had Bailey killed off, to throw Holmes off the scent.

“If the animal had preyed upon Cartwright last night, I would have set it on Bailey tonight.”

“Where have you been staying?” Watson asked.

“In the mine where I hid the animal. Carpenter and David stayed there too.”

Jack had played everything out very well – so well, that I admired him for it.

I was just about to say as much, when Mr Tobin and two strong men crept up very slowly behind Jack.

“Jack, I admire you. You’ve played everything out brilliantly.”

“Thank you, Mr Holmes.”

“However, you have not told me the motive.”

“My motive was and still is to have revenge on you Mr Holmes – revenge for killing my brother.”

Suddenly, Jack was grabbed from behind by Mr Tobin and the other two men seized his arms.

Unfortunately however, Jack was stronger. He freed himself, brutally-wounded his attackers and shot off.

Watson and I chased him as fast as we could.

My case was completely solved, but if I didn’t catch the fleeing villain, it would be world domination.

The fate of the world lay upon our shoulders.

We caught Jack up and wrestled him to the ground, but it was no good.

He freed himself and sped off faster.

There was nothing Watson and I could do now.

My deepest fears were realized.

The fate of the world was in Jack’s hands.

World domination it was to be.

Author Notes: I wrote about world domination to make Jack Moriarty more of a Bond-like villain

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4 Nov, 2021
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