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She's Back... Pt1
She's Back... Pt1

She's Back... Pt1

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POV of Detective Burnham:

December 1st, 2012
I got a call from my office, saying that there had been a 10-year-old girl, Emma Mclain, that had gone missing. Possibly murdered. Time of suspected death, around 12 pm at night. I pulled up to the crime scene to see dozens of cop cars all around the house, and the parents in their matching robes standing outside talking to the cops while sobbing their eyes out. I couldn't imagine what they must have been going through. We didn't know exactly what happened, so we couldn't make any assumptions, I mean, for all we know she could've run away. The only thing we knew at that moment, was that there was a 10-year-old missing girl, somewhere out there, dead or alive. Two police officers escorted the parents to the police station to get interrogated. For some reason, they were resistant at first, as if they didn't want us to be at their house alone. After they left, it was just me, my boss, and 5 officers. We searched everything, fingerprints on her bed, her window sill, her curtain, everything. We didn't find anything. After we searched the house and found nothing that could help us solve the case, my boss and I decided to take one last look now that there were some peace and quiet without the officers.

-Hey Burnham, take a look at this.

My boss yells from the dining room. I run from the living room into the dining room, and immediately take out my magnifying glass. that... blood?
I stammered
-Sure is. But how'd it get in here, and why is there only one small drop, and nothing anywhere else. How long has it been here? It's practically dry...
I took one more close look at the blood, then stood back up and sighed
-This ones gonna be a hard case boss.
-Yup. We don't anything know yet, for all we know it could've been the parents.
-Yeah maybe, but there's no way...
-I don't know Burnham... either way that's what the interrogation is for. For now, let the cops handle it. Until they have more leads for us to use on the case, sit back and relax.

I drove back home and tried to clear my mind of all the different questions I had about the case. I was new to this whole detective thing, and this was my first official case. I was extremely nervous, if I messed this up, I could potentially get fired, and that was not on my bucket list.

Weeks Later

We still had no idea where the girl went, no idea if she was dead or alive, no lead at all. We were absolutely clueless.

One Month Later

This was the end of the case. We had no idea what happened, and this would just have to be recorded as one of the once in a life time Unsolved Cases. We hardly ever had any unsolved cases, and when the rare occasion came, everybody in the department was devastated. But what could we have done? Honestly? The only thing we found was a dry drop of blood, who knows how long that's been there! Maybe it was just a bloody nose from years back. Anyways, everybody was devastated, but we moved on. Eventually, what was one of the worlds biggest unsolved cases at the moment, just became an old file lost amongst the hundreds of other cases and file drawers.

Author Notes: The first part is kinda boring... but it gets more iNtEnSe in Part 2.

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27 Mar, 2019
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2 mins
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