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She's Here
She's Here
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She's Here


Hi my name is Cameron. Im 5 years old. My parents are moving into a new house. The owners before us moved out because they heard weird sounds in the attic and the basement. Mommy and Daddy said I can go anywhere but the attic and basement. Today is the big day. I get to pick where my bedroom is. I am going to pick the room right next to the attic stairs. Daddy told me to be careful and to call for him if I need anything. Mommy said she wants the room right across from mine. Tonight is going to be a big night. I'm going to get Daddy's camera and set it up by the attic stairs. I want to see if I catch something. Daddy said I could. Mommy said just be careful and to go to bed early. It's about 8pm and I'm going to bed now. I keep hearing sounds upstairs. I woke up at 8 am. I went and checked the camera. The camera was knocked over. Daddy watched the video with me. All we saw were red glowing eyes. Scary. (to be continued...)

Author Notes: Part 2 coming soon


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31 Jan, 2019
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