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SandydhirSandeep kumar dhir

The story begins with a handsome boy named surya aged twenty five years who have a good job in MNC and earning a good package and was living in a pg in bangalore, his days were passing very good when one day the owner of the pg said son you have to leave this pg within fifteen days as my childrens are coming from america to live with us so please vacant the room.

Surya was in tension as to search a room in bangalore was quite difficult but somehow he managed to find a good flat in vrindavan complex where there were five buildings with total of hundred flats in each building and his flat no was seventy four and when he reached his flat he went to a shock mode where he found the room to be very well furnished and decorated as well as there was a very good serene view from the balcony along with a cool breeze which will make your tension and worries go within a minute, he was living a very good life there and the society people started liking him because of his good behaviour. one day when there was weekend and surya was enjoying in his cozy sofa reading newspaper and got amazed to a topic which was a girl commited suicide in the same building with room no seventy three yesterday but to his surprise how come he didn't know about this incident and called his maid radhika about this news when she told sir this newspaper is two years old and brought it for some household work, you got confused because today’s date and the newspaper date are same but difference is the year.

Surya got some relief and enquired about the girl from her maid to which she said bhaiya don't even dare to mention the room no also as all the people in this society will get angry as the house is mentioned as haunted house and for past two years after the death of the girl no body dare to live in that flat neither any one came to purchase the flat it is just lying idle, so surya asked her tell me something about the girl for why she committed such a step, to which she said the girl was actually very good in nature and was quite beautiful to make any man dance to her tunes but she would spend all her day in the room, partying with her friends on weekends and wearing small dresses to which the society people objected as there were children and family people and she is wearing such dresses revealing her body and partying, drinking but she didn't give a damn to their words and soon the society people gather and decided to torture her so that she will leave the flat and one day while she was partying with her friends the society people they came to her flat and said you bring boys to our society you are a whore to which she got angry and got depressed as to how can anyone say like that but this continued every day and all were teasing her as whore for which one fine day she committed suicide by jumping from the balcony and the society people were very sorry for their mistakes and from then on they decided to only give entry to boys or girls having job and no drinking or partying at room that’s the reason sir you got the room, like this near about three months passed away and surya even didn't dare to look to the girls of his building for the fear of making him leave the flat as searching a flat is a night mare in bangalore.

One day while surya was watching tv in the afternoon his door bell rang to which he went to open the door and to his disbelief one beautiful girl was standing in front of him and she was so beautiful that surya for a moment was lost in the dreams of her when she said hello mr, yes madam what happened asked surya to which she said she is priyanka and she only shifted today to room no seventy three and there was no water in her flat so can you give some water and gave her bottle to surya for which he said come and sit in the sofa till then I fill the bottle and after few seconds surya came thinking how to talk to her but she took the bottle and went to her flat.

Surya was little bit off as to he could not start any conversation, but that night he could not sleep as he was thinking about priyanka her charming face which was so attractive and when surya slept he had no idea. the next day was sunday and surya was going to watch a movie when he met priyanka in the lift and told her hey priyanka going somewhere to which she said yes going to watch a movie in suchitra mall to which surya said oh what a coincidence even I am also going to suchitra mall to watch a movie so while they reached the ground floor surya said how will you go as it is five kms away she said by auto to which he offered her to come with him in his car and she agreed and both went to the movie but coincidentally the seats were besides each other so they watched the movie along and had some conversation related to movie and enjoyed a lot and after the movie got over surya dared and asked to priyanka that can she come for coffee to which she agreed and both had some coffee and sandwich then they both came to the flat by car having lots of conversation and knowing each other and while entering to their rooms priyanka asked surya to which he replied yes, then she said thank you for yesterday water to which he said it’s ok now we are friends so no thank you no sorry and then she said now as we are friends you can call me priya and then they both went to their flats bidding goodbye.

The days passed on and their bonding grew stronger day by day and they managed to hide their friendship from the society people to not get thrown from the flats and nearly after four months of friendship one day when there was Sunday surya went to priya room for some conversation and spend the time gossiping and chit chatting and ordered food online, then surya got nervous and started sweating to which priya asked what happened are you okay or is there any problem to which surya getup from the sofa and went near priya and hold her hands and proposed her to which she didn’t reply anything and told surya what is all this to which he told I love you dear and I will marry you if you are willing to then after few moments she reacted and said yes, to which surya was in the cloud nine.

Days were passing by and one fine day when both were going for a two days trip on Friday he saw that as usual some of the women of the building were watching him and gossiping to which he felt irritated and went to them and asked aunty what is the matter, from the past four months I am noticing that when I go out of the building you all are watching me and gossiping is there any problem then tell I will leave this building and search a new one to which they said beta we have no problem with you but you are staying beside the room no seventy three so it’s better to leave as we are not comfortable with that to which surya got angry and said I know you all for your mistakes a girl committed suicide and what do you want one more suicide to which they said beta we are not saying that but be careful.

Then he went to his car when priya asked what’s the matter what were they saying then he said don’t worry about them they are useless you just sit let us go for our trip otherwise I will get mad by these kind of people, as they were headed for ooty and it was nearly eight pm so they thought to eat in some road side dhaba and then go to hotel and spend that night and in the morning they will leave for the trip, atlast they found a small dhaba where they had some food and asked to the hotel owner to where is the nearest hotel to which he said near about fourty kms after you cross this jungle.

After they had good food they started for their journey to hotel and it was nearly ten-fifteen kms they were passing by through the jungle which was totally black out from the world as nothing one can get there when priya started to behave differently to which surya asked what happened is there any problem to which she said no and said surya can I ask you a question to which he said go on and the question was do you believe in ghost? Surya was in shocked what the hell is going on why is she asking such type of questions and asked her why are you asking such questions as I am not feeling good as I have fear of ghosts to which she asked once more do you believe in ghost? He couldn’t understand what was going on why is she behaving like this to which she asked once again do you believe in ghost?, to which surya got as cold as ice and started thinking about the aunty’s telling him to leave the building and not to stay near room seventy three is priya a ghost the girl who committed suicide then he gather some courage and got hold of the rear camera and tilted it to see if priya was visible or not when priya caught hold of surya hand and started laughing and saying darpok, then he stopped the car and watched towards priya are you mad I got totally frightened and please don’t do that again to which priya smiled and said you darpok and then both went and reached a hotel and stayed their till morning and went to ooty where they had fun and returned to Bangalore to their flats by night, they bid goodbye and went to their rooms.

Nearly about three days were passed when they came from ooty tour and one fine night when surya was sleeping he heard some voices from priya balcony of a girl crying, he looked to the watch it was one thirty when surya got the balcony to see why is priya crying but he found nobody there and the door was also locked from inside to which once again he got frightened and came to his room and started chanting hanuman chalisa to which he thought priya must be doing all that, then he recalled as when I opened my balcony door there was a sound of my door she must have heard and went to her room knowing that I was coming so she just want to make me afraid as she did in the trip. Then he went to sleep and told to himself tomorrow I will take class of priya. The next day at the lift surya asked to priya about the night incident to which she refused and said I was asleep at that time you must have heard the wind breezing as we are at the top and the whole area nearby is open. Surya thought that must be the case and he forgot what happened and went to work.

When surya came from work what he found is that his parents have come to visit him without any information and gave him a surprise, he was very happy to meet them after so many months then he told priya you go to your room I will see you later to which surya parents got tensed and asked him to whom were you talking to which he said ohhh she, she is priya my neighbour living in room no seventy three and then told why are you standing let’s go to the room and there we will talk after surya gets freshen up then his mother said beta let’s leave this flat we have heard about the room no seventy three and the girl who committed suicide was also priyanka and we also got to know from your society people about your behaviour it’s not good my child she must be that girl and she will hunt you down one day to which he said don’t say rubbish about her, I love her and want to marry her and told lets end this topic and had dinner and told his parents to go get some sleep as you must be tired.

One whatsapp message came to surya mobile which was send by priya as she said come to my room at twelve I want to tell you something, at night when all were sleeping surya went to priya room and asked why you called me and what you want to say to which she said close the door and then come. Priya took surya to balcony and said have you heard about the story of the girl who got herself killed by jumping from this very balcony to which surya said yes I know but why are you asking such types of things to which she said do you know about priyanka, have you seen her photo as her photo was published in the newspaper to which surya thought oh shit that day I had not seen the photo in the newspaper is this girl that priyanka is she the ghost, surya got numb and he was unable to move when she said something in his ears and.........

The next day morning when surya parents got up early and found that their son is not in the house they thought where he may have gone at five in the morning when they heard some voices from the ground floor and they went to the balcony and looked down to see people had gathered there and their son was lying dead on the ground.

The story ends here and my friends must have got there answer to what would have happened at the night and how surya must have died.

But my friends that’s not correct what happed at the night was she told in his ear that I think priyanka soul is in this flat and I am not comfortable living here anymore so let’s leave this flat and go to some other building to which surya got some relief but since he was numb at the first so he got imbalance and fell down to his death and priya got shocked and thought that priyanka soul must have killed him so she left the flat that same night.

Author Notes: Readers will find the story intresting and little bit of suspense on whats going to happen next.

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Sandeep kumar dhir
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1 Apr, 2020
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12 mins
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