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A Short Walk to Hell

A Short Walk to Hell

By alexander - 3 Reviews

So she sat there in the cold dank cave waiting for something to happen anything to let her know how to escape from them. The masked figures appeared from the shadows even though she had tried to follow them she could never get out of here. She had punched bitten torn at the hoods covering them yet they didn't move and she ended up bruised and bleeding every time even though they never raised a hand at her. She sighs and shouts "fuckk you all! Fuck you all I will escape and kill you all so piss in your hands and bath in your shit you pricks!" Breathing heavy after all the shouting she lies down and trys to remember who she is counting the facts in her head. 1. Her name was Susan hills. 2. She is 23 years old 3. She is scared to hell of Earwig's

That was all she new something had happened to her two months ago and she had been here ever since. The only reason she new that was how the hooded people came and went like clockwork that you want to smash into a million piece's. They would take her blood and force feed her just like you would a baby bird she couldn't hide from them no matter how she moved around. Here they come again she hears the tread of feet on the ground but there are more this time the room slowly fills up with them until 30 hoods are in the room and she is in the center of them all. Susan looks around " huh the fuck you want wank maggots look at you being all talkative and big in your group" her voice fades and the silance penetrates her ears there is no breathing no movement at all like dead trees.

"Stand" they say in unison Susan doesn't move an inch her whole being is telling her the vanish from them right now nothing good is happening not in this situation. Four of them move from all sides and take a limb they drag her out of the room the first time she has ever been out, now she wishes she stayed in there because here was a hall filled with every part of the human hanging and moving as if a wind is making it dance. Intestine's move and reach out trying to touch the group, bulging eyes follow and unblinking they eye Susan up and more horror follows her, fingers crawl and claw holding the hems of the hoods as they walk through it all. Lasty she sees skin suits walking around and as soon as they touch anything they flop over and crumple up like a sack. She vomits at this point and as they carry her through the Hall it turns into what looks like a cave with stalactites and mits but as she looks closes it is congealed blood and steaming fresh hot blood is dripping off.

Susan stops throwing up at this point and starts to cry huge sobs rack her body she knew something was wrong she felt as if where they were going wasn't going to be enjoyable. The carry on down the hall till they get to a pair of massive bone doors tied together with hair and sinew lattice it. They proceed through it the doors opening by themselves and inside is a room filled with hoods all of this still. They reach the middle of the room and set Susan in a chair her hands get tied together she screams now as load as she can her voice commng back to full force. "You...dick suckiblng bags of dog shit you in bread lumps of dead meat when I get out I am coming back to kill you all." Silance follows this until a hooded figure in red steps forwards and for the first time takes down the hood nothing is there no face no eyes just a shadow, it started to speak the darkness fluctuating "now daughter of ours you have returned to the collective we welcome you to join our ranks by letting go the path of flesh"

Susan's jaw is still open she is seeing darkness her brain can't understand. It spoke again " in your silence we shall begin though you never had a choice you are our daughter" she regains herself somewhat 'I could never be the daughter of fucking murderers all those body's your sick" the shadow pulsed at that " you understand not those are the parts of the family you will understand when you have had it," they bring forward tools and stat towards Susan hands clamp down on and she cannot move an inch

They start at her fingers and toes peeling the nails of to have access to the skin her screams bounce of the room they start to work now sepetating the muscle and skin the red hood speaks again " good my child you are doing well on the first step " Susan cannot hear anything the nerves have over ridden her brain with this slow pain. There is foam overflowing from her mouth and her pupils have turned to pin pricks. When they get to the ankles and the wrists there is a loud crash and the door rattles the hoods turn around and Susan bolts the grip on her being loosened. She legs it into the shadows and trips over a pile of bones which are fresh, tumbling down she falls head first into a lake and something slithers around her. She gets pricked all over her body and then the creature snap at her flesh descending into her it eats her as she is awake. But more then her body it is her soul that is ripped apart and the anguish she feel was worse then what the hoods had done.

Ten hoods had gone to deal with the mess past the doors the rest filled out where Susan had gone to see her disappear below the lake. It was to late to get her for they all feared the creature the only thing that could hurt them. Red hood turns around, " we must Grove at the loss of our daughter and start the process once again. Our new child shall complete the family" all the hoods repeat family back.

In a room a girl is waking up her name is Emily she is as skinny as a rake and knows how old she is and her name yet everything else is forgotten. A hooded figure walks in through the shadow.

Author Notes: If you would like to see more of this story give it a star and if it gets 10 I shall keep it going!!

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8 Mar, 2018
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