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By drizzydarcyxxx

the young american high school kids  were finishing school 5 past 3 and were all meeting up Lucas witch is abbeys boyfriend bought up the idea of a truth or dare game.Abbey the stuck up teenage girl thought it was a stupid idea but all the rest agreed it was getting late so Alex made his way home but all the rest stayed in the rotten school bin shed playing the silly childish game but all the dares were getting a bit out of hand anyway Alex got on the bikes and went home all the other parents asked Alex were the rest were but as a good friend he never "grassed" them up.
It was johnnys turn to dare Chris to climb the silver metal fence "come on don't be a girl " said abbey witch was most determined to go out of all 5 children 5 minutes later Chris climbed over followed by all the other children " im sure Katie in my form said that some psycho man lived here and tortured people"said abbey "oh don't be so stupid" everyone answered her the place weren't a nice place but it was half 9 and was really dark.
they all broke up into like partners .
in the far distance chris swore he sore a man by the tree and no one believed him but all of a sudden a man with a grey beard apperad out of the middle of nowhere no one was there except from all the kids but the man was all of the sudden a man was there how strange.
everyone was creeped out he asked were the east high school was but there was no schools round there no they said 
oh thanks he said its aright  ive lost my friends and there not familiar with new people that can be a bit violent and meat eaters one of the boys told him to go away and stop talking to little kids the psycho he gave them a dirty look and walked off they followed him sneakly to see were he was going all of a sudden there was a scream all the kids was getting scared chloe started crying and said she wants to go home but they dident even no there way ut they was just surrounded by trees.
"alex stop playing games " i swear that weren't me he said in front of them was a little hut all of a sudden someone shouted help in a scream of pain and it sounded as if someone was hurt."were are you " they all shouted and tryed to make out were the scream was coming from.
the man came out with a axe and shouted " come out and fight like a big man" and started laughing in  a wiked laugh " i told you there was a wierdo here said abbey" all of a sudden abbey screamed Alex looked at abbey but blood was coming out of her stomach a wierd creature was standing behind her 
with black teeth and weird messed up eyes and tongues messed up and sharp
everyone tried to run away but there was no were to run they was goung to die if they dident get away they had to leave abbey and look after themselves the man shout after them but they ran away all you could here is abbey crying in pain 
but they couldent get out bang a shot gun went and they dropped to the floor the next day at school they wetrent in school the parents phoned the police the police went in the woods and found them in the hut with half eaten bodies hanging on ropes they were dead!!!

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12 Oct, 2014
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3 mins
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