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By esme

Sue and Emily walked down the cobbled ally way, it was dark, all the lights were off in the towering yellow houses each side of of them, there high heels taped on the stones as stars lit up the sky. A windo creaked open and a fag but flew out, it landed on Sues head "Ooow!" she screached and thrust her head up "BASTERED!"
Emily looked worried and pulled Sue's arm, "we will miss the club hurry up Sue" said Emily, "FUCK IT!" sue screamed and took out a gun and shot at the windo, The problem with drugs is you cant stop till its too late.
A loud cry rang through the air, it was harsh and sounded like a banshee screaming, there was a loud crash of glass shattering and a man leand his head out the windo, he had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair like silk too, Emily gasped he was beautifull, "you could of shot me" he camly said, Sue fround, why had he not phoned the gards? she had shot at him after all. Then Sue notised the mans eyes, they were like pin heads
"why dont you girls come up? a blow job will make upo for that shot" he winked at Emily, "Sue lets go up, he might phone the gards you know?" Emily tuged at sue's arm, "aer you fucking stupid Em? he wont phone the gards, hes a fucking druggie, his eyes are like pin heads!" Emily looked up at the man and he smiled down at them from his flat, it was true, he was on something, ".....lets just ....go up....." Emily said mostly to herself, Sue crumpled up her pritty face and screamed at Emily "FUCK YOU YOU BITCH! YOU GO UP THEN FUCK YOU!" with that she lowered the gun she was so menisingly pointing at the blue eyed man and ran off into the darkness.

"whats her problem?" asked the man, Emily bit her lip and stood akwordly in the middle of the man's dirty one roomed flat "she just...gets a little worked up about things you know?" said emily and her head. The man laughed and stood up from his chair next to the windo, he unbuckeld his jeans letting them fall to the flor, he was horney.
Emily gasped, she had never even kissed a man before, let alone this! " I cant do it, im sorry I am not a prostatute" said Emily, the man stood for a split second looking at Emily, then he shrugged and pulled up his pants, "it dosent matter i dont buy proststutes anyway" he sat down again and smiled at her, confusion crossed Emily's face, " so your not going to tell me to get out? arn you angry?" she asked, The man laughed again and looked Emily in the eyes, "its only you who wants me to be angry with you, you want to be a marter dont you? " he said with another lovely smile, "i can see through you, why are you so shy?" he asked Emily's eyes widend "" she spluttered the man grunted, no it was more like a moan. " people are so stupid, they beleve a bunch of lies, they do evrything there told, preast perverts telling them to beleve in a fals god, god is a lie you know?, and governments telling you what to do to, bunch of assholes!, have you ever stole...Em?" Emily shook her head she took a phew steps closer to the man waiting to here what he said next, she was hooked " food is free, but some stupid people think its not, some people think you have to ern money get a job go to school so they can live in this fucked up world!" Emily knelt down next to the man and litend for houres, it only seemed like minuites, Emily had found her man.

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12 Feb, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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