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Should I not?

Should I not?

By rhuechel

I can freely say now that I am partly moved on (not totally:)). I already accepted the mere fact that Donald and me will never be together again. Never. It's killing me e every time I remember him and what we were before. But it's a part of my past that I need to let go. I was happy now though I haven't heard anything about him. If how he is today with his new girl. I admit that the broke up we had caused me pain. I was even confined with an Ischematic Heart Disease but was still blessed because it's not that complicated or its just curable. I tried my best now to relax and enjoy myself like what I am before Donald enter into my life.
I am currently dating a guy whom I am not in love yet. It was unfair to that guy but I am teaching myself to love him in return after all, he was with me all the way. This guy courted me a year ago but unable to say yes because of waiting to someone (Donald). Every time I have a misunderstanding with Donald, to that guy I ran to....After hearing me that we broke up, he didn't even bother to take the time for courting me instead asking me not to allow Donald to o it. He was so kind that I felt guilty every time he texted me. We're not officially on now, but he's still willing to wait for my answer. We're happy now though were 'FRIENDS'. Going to church together, calling each other.

I hope with the help of this guy, I can totally moved on:)

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10 Feb, 2012
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