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Shoulder Amazon Lily
Shoulder Amazon Lily

Shoulder Amazon Lily


Her name was Georgianna, how she whirled her long inviting lashes.She was the Queen of hearts she pulled off her charm and gave a wink to the man holding a special smile drink.She was best friends with Lily they were like debutantes at the ball. They were always whispering did they have secrets to hide?.

But these ladies in another crowd they called her Miss flower spoons. She always came to these occasional parties with big little lies her face in the spoon. She screamed!! Please get her out of here she's so dramatic red-hot chair she was sitting on pricked her ends.Let's hail the Queen of flowers. She heard these ladies chatting how they chit chat. Big rumors were spreading "Don't be such a wallflower." please ♥ Get off my shoulder straps ♥ he's up on one knee.

How he expresses every detail of her blouse. His sheerness sweetheart fitting snugly. Taking another love bite, his biscuit words come stronger.He's the game player short to the point pursuit. She needed to hear more kitten stretches longer but he was the short-fused. He, lit her up like aTiger, I can't get no satisfaction with the "Snap Dragon" she curled her spoon like a Kitten.

He could bark out orders all he likes."All I ask" was to get my favorite lily flower. The name game Oh! gee that's my name, Lily. Let me take some pleasure, he took a big bite out of my panini wrap. Just want one serene tasty bite.Did he love the Deviantart looking up at my beautiful work of art?

She turned to the man and said so exquisitely love hunting though? What do you think? the painting had hands you could almost hear them speak that could drip.How it flicked my eye filled with bright sunlight of daisies was this the end of my rope.

I felt his fingers digging those big little lies Nicole she loves to kid with her boys their so grown up like men going deep in my wishing upon my starlit shoulders If he believed in God he needed to send flowers of the Lily prayer instead of making my breakfast scramble it is.

I am not a Shakespearean lady cometh to me he brewed.How we are both deep into the short conversation of the stars he brings his soulful eyes.

How things turn silence of the lamb but I hate lamb."My hands speak "Forget me not Wildflower". Waiting for me to sit on his lap. I'm not your mega babe to byte.Your wicked finger marks blue flames to her delicate smells through her eyes of irises.I felt every petal falling into my flower wrist. Get off my bloody shoulder She could see the African moon settling in. His eyes became the blood moon.

He loves to take a bite so rotten apple. How he falls my way country air his insides and exterior broadening his mind.What are you leaving me with an aching heart shoulder?.

She has a country tongue as long as a map traveled.

I'll be leaving on a jet plane with my Amazon Lily don't know where I will be.My rhinestone heels and my petals of love will follow me.

When you feel lost in the flower just split the sky and ride em high.Better yet row and row Amazon Lily me boat.When the chips are down flowers really know me he got me my flower lashes fluttered like the country girl I am to bloom. He was bleeding like a Redwine cologne.

I feel you don't want to see me anymore. I noticed a bad chip in the computer. I rather watch a movie clip But I have my angel wing begonia next to me near my bed lady bug on my shoulder. I am sitting in my favorite chair called The Queen Anne lace with potent smells of flowers.

She was shy untutored the right man never touched her but he was hot getting close. He's counting all the bad flower petals. His words one flower story two lovers in heaven glory three men at their knees,

Four women go shopping big sale flowers love me not the spree.

She needed to be like the begonia non-stop fire red.Almost there another round we go he keeps smelling but her shoulder couldn't be licked.See through her skin sweet & a nibble chewed.How she just click’s bunch of dead heads but he could feel her mind like a saran wrap how it clings to his.We are like were linked in Alice I will fly you to the moon how daring a cookie is he's not?.

She needed to be like the begonia non-stop fire red.

Almost there another round we go he keeps smelling but her shoulder couldn't be licked.See through her skin sweet & a nibble chewed.How she just click’s bunch of dead heads but he could feel her mind like a saran wrap how it clings to his.We are like were linked in Alice I will fly you to the moon how daring a cookie is he's not?.

Well, please don't forget me not I am wearing the English lavender that he loves so much. I am laying in my French Provencial bed waiting.

Turned on TV turner movie classics more like Casablanca a kiss is just a kiss. She sigh's just another try on the shoulder.

She's grabbing the remote killing me with soft words. She wore the blue moon velvet Couch- lovers. Dressed up Victorian long skirt her hair shade warmer she eating grommet crackers.Hail to the English royalty moon chip’s Hershey gold all mine bag supermarket Coffee fanatics but good drugs "Where's my Apple Mac?" I need to get his broad shoulders and push his buttons.

I have the combination keys to open his safe after I throw him off the train track.Just Me alone and my coffee mocha polka cloud every now and then she found him in her head. You cannot take it out of my head once it's there.

She knew he would execute the only way he could combat holding her gaze capturing something of value.

She felt like a chip no one cares about.What a tiger Lily racing he sparked plugs how she could burn his icy eyes such allure she has like Alaskan puppy eye backs him away.

Walking in Stormy weather coffee and creature bite computer charged out in March like a lion emails and passion.

His hands were cold on the computer She felt very emotional he had not had warm hands ever to touch her face.How.the first time ever did he see her face smell of flowers begonias and he loved playing the Gibson guitar.

He could have tried better with a name of Trystan.It was her moment springtime on broadway.How the Robin red breast touched the butterflies. He went pop art on her shoulder.She saw and remembered how much she loved her pop tarts this time chocolate chips.

Author Notes: I was in the mood for a flower story with quite an edge. Enjoy

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27 Mar, 2017
Read Time
5 mins
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