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Shouldn't Be Drinking
Shouldn't Be Drinking

Shouldn't Be Drinking


Why would you do this to me?

This isn't what I want to be,

And I know I shouldn't be drinking,

But lately I've been doing too much thinking,

And I wish I could wash it all away,

With some tequila in a day,

But I know that's not how it works,

I just don't understand,

The beginning was like fireworks,

And then you became sad,

And everything suddenly became bad,

I'm angry at you right now,

And I'm waiting for it to be fixed somehow,

But I know it won't,

And I wish you cared more,

It's not that you don't,

You've just grown so far,

And I can't help but find it bizarre,

But I'm tired of being treated like this,

It's you that I miss,

Please come back,

But it's empathy that you lack,

You know it's been hard for me,

But for some reason you haven't bothered to see,

I just want it to be better again,

I can't help but wonder when,

When will we be okay?

Probably not today,

Or even in the near future,

I'm tired of it,

Being treated like shit,

I know I shouldn't be drinking,

I know,

But my head is hurting from the thinking,

And my body is weak,

Because a future with us is looking bleak,

And I wish it wasn't,

But it is,

I shouldn't be drinking,

But this situation is stinking

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About This Story
13 Jul, 2019
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1 min
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