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The lights are dimming now on stage,

Those who I expected to stay instead get up and leave,

Some come running in causing rage,

The people I'd hope would be there after the show,

Now gone because they didn't care,

Only the people who didn't like me in my low,

The thing about graduating that no one tells you,

Is that the people who called themselves friends

Will disappear just as they said they would not do,

And those who secretly admired you,

Who treated you like trash on the sidewalks for years,

They'll be the only ones who are around when you're blue,

It's as though suddenly people feel I have value,

As if I didn't before,

But now the barrier of social groups is broken down and I'm human too,

Why treat me like a puppet on stage for years?

Do they not know how many nights I spent

Lonely and covered in tears?

Why try to be my friend now when it has ended?

Is it time you use as your excuse

For the reason I hadn't previously been befriended?

You had plenty of time we know that,

You spent it treating me terribly,

Some days I felt like a sewer rat,

But now I am the star of the show?

Am I to accept their flowers?

Thank the crowd for wrapping up years of self loathing with a bow?

Where are my friends now that I need them?

All I can find are those who didn't want me before,

And I feel like I'm untangling by the hem,

Unable to figure out what is going on

Where am I?

Why am I surrounded by those who tried to use me as a pawn?

Suddenly they like me?

But those who actually called themselves my friends,

Where are they?

I never thought this is what graduating high school would be

A puppet to a star,

Crowds of people swarming,

But my friends are so far

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About This Story
27 Jun, 2020
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1 min
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