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Shrina's Story.

Shrina's Story.

By storywriter101

Saturday night, 9:30 PM
Shrina was waiting outside Hardeep's house. She could hear the screaming and things being thrown in the house. "Shit." Shrina murmered in the dark. Hardeep walked out with a cigeratte and a backpack in his other arm. "Come here," He said, and wrapped his arms around Shrina, putting his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her hard for about 5 minutes, and then backed away. "What's going on? You allright?" Shrina asked, standing next to him. "My parents are fucking messed up. I'm going to stay at John's tonight, at least until I can get enough money to get some shit flat to live in." Shrina looked at her phone. "I have to get going in about 10 minutes. My parents will murder me if they find out i'm with you and not at Priya's place." Hardeep grinned. "Yeah, they'd wanna fight me too if they found out I'm 19." Shrina laughed. "It's late Shrina, I'll walk you to the bus stop." Hardeep said. Shrina and Hardeep walked to the bus stop near Wentworthville Station. The bus arrived 5 minutes later. "Well, I'll meet you after school, here again, and we'll do everything according to plan." Hardeep said.
Shrina was keen to run away with him.
* * *
Shrina Balaskar. Age 17, attends Pal College in Cabramatta, Sydney, Australia ,year 11 student. Hard working, earns A's and B's in all her exams and assignments. How did she meet Hardeep 'Deep' Rogers? No one knows. Great circle of friends, socialises well. Drinks? No. Smokes? No. Hidden truths? Maybe. Rebellious? Hardly.
Shrina's parents.....Ram Balaskar, and Rima Sen Balaskar. Both parents are doctors. Shrina's siblings? One older brother called Raju (Rajesh) attends UNSW, currently studying chemical engineering. Earned a 99.7% UAI from Patrician Brother's College.
Why is she running away with him? No one knows....
* * *
Friday afternoon, 3:30 PM
Shrina had packed her bag. An extra pair of bra and underwear, a skintight black dress, a brush, her toothbrush, her makeup, some soap, and 1,000 dollars worth cash in her bag. Shrina walked out of school after the last bell rang, and rushed to the bus stop. She was heading straight to wentworthville to meet Hardeep.
On the bus, Shrina opened her front zip, and looked at her parents and older brother. She really loved them, but she believed that running away with Hardeep would be better. She couldn't explain to anyone about her love towards him. After she had met him at Billu's Indian Eatery in Harris Park, she couldn't be away from him.
Hardeep was 19. He worked at Billu's in Harris Park. He is half punjabi half british. That is why his surname is Rogers. Hardeep would work hard, to earn some money for himself. He hated school, and got expelled from Paramatta High when he was in year 10, for getting into a fist fight with his enemy. Hardeep had one piercing on his left ear, and a tattoo that read Shrina's name on his upper left arm. He had green eyes, red/brownish spiked hair, and was slightly taller than Shrina. The reason Hardeep was kicked out of his home, was because he didn't find a proper career for himself, and his mother is a recovering drug-addict who even forgets that he exists. His father Neil, left the family when he was 16 years old, to run away with another woman.
Shrina opened her eyes, and she was at wentworthville station. She got off the bus, and hoping to see Hardeep, he wasn't there. Shrina rang Hardeep's phone.
"Hello," Hardeep answered.
"Hi, Hardeep, where are you? You said you'd-"
"Yeah, hey, sorry, uhm, I'll get you in an hours time if that's allright? I'm busy with customers now, Ranjeet wanted me to stay for an hour longer. Babe, just go to the Indian shop and keep yourself occupied. I'll meet you back at the station in one hour, so like 5:30, okay, I gotta-" The dial tone sounded. Shrina ended the call, and walked to Udaya Supermarket. There she saw a group of young Indian men eyeing her. Shrina looked away from them and walked into the supermarket. She exchanged her sim card, for a new one under a fake name "Lalitha." "Please, destory the sim card I gave you." She said. The man eyed her. "Haan ji, of course." He broke it in front of her, and Shrina smiled and walked away. There was nothing to do except, look at some Indian clothing that was on display, or inspect the latest Indian movies that had released. Shrina walked out and sat down on a near bench. The young Indian men were still there, looking at her. Shrina shrugged it away as if it were nothing.
Shrina looked at her watch. It was already 5:30. She looked past the traffic light, and didn't see Hardeep anywhere. She tried ringing his mobile, but no one was picking up. The men walked towards her and grabbed her hands.
She could feel the hot breath of one of the men who held her very close. "Look, we don't have time, so this is what you are going to do. You are going to get into that black van. If you fucking scream, we'll kill you. If you resist us in the van, we'll kill you. You do what we say, we don't kill you. We pleasure you, you don't say you don't want it. Are we clear?" His words were like a slap on the face. "Please, I really don't want to. If you want money take it, it's all in my bag." Shrina started tearing up.
"We don't want money. We want your beautiful body." One of the men said. The other 2 guys started laughing. "Hardeep would be proud." Shrina cried silently. They pushed her into the van and began to rip her clothes off.
Shrina couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at who the driver was. It was Hardeep. "Hardeep, please, what's going on?"
"Shut up you bloody bitch. Let the guys fuck you."
"I thought WE WERE TOGETHER." Shrina yelled. "Why did you LIE to me?"
Hardeep spat in disgust. "You think I was going to love you? I never loved an ugly bitch like you. Your just some dumb Indian girl who really fell hard for me. You'd do anything for me wouldn't you? So let these guys taste some of that curry, from top and bottom. What do you say? And my man Jimmy's gonna film it, he'll put it up on redtube, and I can get some extra cash. Then I can fuck you, real hard, and just dump you somewhere on the street. Maybe I'd have to kill you though. Don't want you to let loose aye,"
Shrina felt so disgusted. All those months she and Hardeep spent together, all those text messages and facebook messages they sent each other, expressing her love towards him...All of it was a lie. Shrina wanted to die. She didn't want to endure any pain.
"You are a sick son of a bitch. You bloody asshole! I fucking hate you-" Jimmy, one of the guys slapped her across the face, and pulled her long black hair. "Mate, do you reckon I should fuck her first?"
Hardeep chuckled. "Yeah, let Rahul film it." Shrina's breathing was becoming slower and slower, as all 3 men started to remove her clothing. She tried to kick, to defend herself, but nothing worked. Jimmy kept on hitting her with a large wooden stick causing her arms and legs to pain continuously. She felt something insert inside her, someone licking her, a few muffled voices of "YES, YES, FUCK YES." could be heard. Shrina was in horrible pain, "Fuck she's bleeding mate."One of the guys said. Shrina opened her eyes, and saw Hardeep beside her. "Hey, I love you alot. Sorry we have to do this to you." Hardeep opened the door of the van, and placed her naked self in a cemetery some place Shrina was too intoxicated to identify the place she was in.
Shrina tried to get up from where she was dumped, but Hardeep came out from the van with a gun and shot Shrina 5 times.

* * *
Shrina's story is a sad one. How many young girls our age fall into traps like these? We meet someone, and end up having feelings. They 'seem' to have feelings towards us too. Yeah it's fun to have a boyfriend, have them treat you right, and the second they want you, they dump you? Of course this is an extreme case, but girls just like Shrina are out there getting lured by creeps like Hardeep who are willing to satisfy their sexual desire and dump them within a second. So when your guy asks you to run away with them: think before you act.

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20 Feb, 2012
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