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Sick of Me

Sick of Me

By Phate

Mother's Day, of this year: my sister had just graduated from college. When I say 'just graduated,' I mean like gotten her diploma earlier in the day. Anyways, my parents set my sister and I aside, after driving home from the college. They then tell us that they are getting a divorce.

I spent the next couple months, pretty much up until now, sulking.

I know what you're thinking (probably): you're parents are getting divorced. You got a reason to sulk! But you know what? You're wrong.

Probably, 90% of the time, one of your close friends is dealing with something much worse than you are. They usually won't tell you. Even if they do, you'll probably weight it as a lot less than if it happened to you, like, "Oh, Bob has a cold? That's nothing. I have a COLD!" And one would almost always exaggerate everything pertaining to you.

And there is always SOMEONE worse off than you. Chances are, that someone younger than 10 that has a form of cancer lives within 25 miles of you. It's fairly common. 99% of every day, there is someone at most hospitals living on life support.

Yet, I still pity myself. How sick.

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27 Jul, 2011
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