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By Nooneimportant

A child is here, brought low by disease. He is far too young to have suffered so. Thin beyond words.the boy's skin is a shade paler than the bleached hospital sheets which he lies. His parents no longer vist him, for they cannot bear to to watch him suffer. The doctors have long surrendered his fate to god. The boy,too, has abandoned hope. Strange emotions weariness hatered swell with the dark recesses of his young heart. He tries to reject the black terror that germinates in his body. But no amount of effort or tears can drive the invader away. He has long ceased to resent his parents and doctors. Once he did, but now his pain is so great that there is little room in his heat to think of others. Only one person brings the boy comfort: a healthy young girl with tan skin and deep brown eyes. She is a beacon of brightness and light in the boys world; her very presence is a comfort to him. But he is unable to look apron her face. Whenever they meet. The boy is filled with loathing for his own state. Soon, this loathing eats away at what little joy he receives from the girl's visits. The girl will stop coming. He knows this. His every waking moment is spent in fear of this day. He thinks that if he could talk to her, if he could tell her how his feels, that this might not be so. But this conversation never happens. The girl disappears. The boy dies alone  

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19 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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