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Side Flip Jr. Part Four
Side Flip Jr. Part Four

Side Flip Jr. Part Four

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“Randy evolved!!!!!!!” I screamed as we entered the house I found. I poured food into their bowls. I remembered the other eevee I left at the daycare with a diddo. PriiiiiiNnnnGggg!!!!!!!! My phone rang. “Hello…. They did!? I’ll be right over.” I put the phone on the counter. “I got to go get the egg from the daycare.” I said to Randy and Sprinkles. I walked to the daycare and when I finally got there I got an egg. “Thank you.” I said to the daycare lady.

I got home and set the egg on the couch. Randy hopped up and snuggled up with it. I went to bed and Skitty/Sprinkles joined me.

The Next day:

I woke up to the sweet sound of piggys, and piggiotos flapping their wings.

“Sprinkles!!! Randy!!!!! Time to go!” I yelled through the house as I put on my sweater. I walked over to the couch and as I did I called Randy’s name. I opened the door to the living room and looked on the couch. The egg!!!! “Nooo! The egg’s missing!!!!” I screamed as I ran to the edge of the couch and ran up the stairs. I ran into the second bedroom. Then there it was. The egg hatched. “Randy! What did I tell you!” I said, but I was smiling. “You can take the egg anywhere but upstairs. So where's the egg?” I asked looking under the bed. I grabbed my special earbuds that let me understand pokemon. “I’m sorry, it was moving so I- she’s right there.” Randy said pointing to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and looked to the right. “Hi” the small eevee said. I picked her up and put her next to Randy. She sneezed then cuddled up to him.

“Ok, Randy” I started to say. “We need to go back to the real world. Now in the real world we’ve only really been gone for 3 hours, instead of days. Every day is an hr in the real world.” I picked up Sprinkles (who randomly appeared in the room) Randy picked up the new eevee by scuffing her. We walked out of the building and started to look for the way back home. “Ok, I found a map of the whole house and there’s a secret tunnel right under us- I mean kitchen.” We went down stairs and walked into the kitchen. “We click this button here and a secret passage should open.” I said. “Wowwww.” The little eevee said still being scuffed. “I have an idea.” I started to say. “Why not come back later. I do want to catch a Mudkip. We also need to call you something.” I said pointing to the small eevee. Randy put her down and started to speak very fast. “Sence she’s my responsibility may I name her?” “Sure.” I said. “Ok, I want her name to be Angel” Rand said. “Ok so let’s go and get a mudkip!” I said running out of the house.

We walked into the savary zone, got 20 savary balls, and walked to the spot where the water types were and started to look around. “There’s a mudkip right there.” I said quietly as I crouched down behind a bush. I started throwing tons of balls then finally I caught a mudkip. “I’ll name you Muddy.” I said opening the savary ball.

I noticed it was time to go so. We walked back to the house and walked through the tunnel. We looked for hrs. Then finally we found the way back home.

Author Notes: This is a book I made in the 4th grade. Im not trying to steal pokemon. Its just a book I made in the 4th grade during free time

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About This Story
17 Apr, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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