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Silence in the Echoes
Silence in the Echoes

Silence in the Echoes

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He stood in a large room. The echoes from thousands of voices rang off the walls. But nothing made any sense to him. As he walked around, the pale, cold bodies with those voices sat, lifeless and unmoving, just staring off into space where more bodies sat. Every now and then, a body would stand up and walk somewhere, but it would shortly return to the same spot.

He looked around. “Hello?” His voice didn’t echo like those of the lifeless body. “Anyone?” He looked around a little more. The bodies seemed to respond to the echoes, but not his voice. “Why are you ignoring me?” He started running. The echoes became louder as if purely to drown out his voice. He tried to pull a chair out from one of them. It didn’t work.

He screamed. “Everyone be quiet!” The echoes started echoing off the walls. He kept running. There seemed to be people everywhere, and he could not escape. That’s when he heard a voice, that wasn’t just an echo. It was faint. But he made it out to be, “Is there anyone?” He began frantically looking around for the source of the voice.

Finally he saw a girl standing, looking around for something meaningful to her as well. He jumped up and screamed: “Hey!” She had heard him but didn’t see him at first. He started trying to run in her direction, but the lifeless bodies did not hesitate to jump up and push him back to where he was standing. He started trying to walk around, but the same standing bodies pushed him back. He began pushing people once he saw that the girl noticed him.

The bodies responded quickly, getting up by the group and pushing him back into his place. He screamed as he was forced to sit in a chair. The girl noticed and almost immediately broke into tears.

He tried to stand up but couldn’t, as the bodies around him continued to push him back. It wasn’t until he had made up his mind that he could finally stand up. And once he did, he kneeled to the ground, closed his eyes and faded away, hoping the girl would see and avoid following in his footsteps.

She heard another voice. Questioning and lonely, like hers. When she found the source, it was another girl. The other girl was looking around at the lifeless bodies as well. The first girl almost ran over, but then decided to walk around the lifeless bodies to the other girl.

The other girl noticed her and they made eye contact. The echoes stopped and silence was among them. The first girl took the other girl’s hand and said, “I see you,” to which the other girl responded. “I see you too.”

Author Notes: I have done several stories like this before, highlighting other personal beliefs. This is the first one I've shared however.

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About This Story
22 Aug, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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