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Silence Part 2
Silence Part 2

Silence Part 2


The next day, I’m walking to school when see Leo leave his house, too. He started walking but in the wrong direction. Of course, I couldn’t sell out to him so I ran across the street to stop in front of him. He smiles and me as do I him and point behind him. He looks at me, confused and I grab out my pen and pad that I figured I should carry around. I write, The school is that way, doofus. He looks back at me when he’s done reading it.

“Oops. I think I should’ve known that since I saw you walking the other way,” he says. I blush and look down to hide it because that his statement suggests that he was watching me. I look back up at him and see him smiling.

“Your blush is beautiful,” he says as he reaches out to touch my chek. I don’t flinch as he touches me. It’s gives me a warm tingly feeling.

“Well? Lead the way.” I blush again and start walking towards the school with him following behind me.

“So, what’s your favorites?” he asks. I look at him, confused.

“You know. Like, your favorite color, you favorite food. Stuff like that.” I nod and write down, Favorite color, changes depending on my mood; Favorite food, anything Chinese or Mexican; Favorite drink, lemonade or water (I hate carbonation); Favorite person, me (not to be sounding self centered. I hand the pad to him and watch as he reads through it.

“What’s our favorite color today?” he asks. I point to the grass.

“Green?” I nod. He smiles and keeps reading through the list.

“Why do you like Chinese and Mexican?” I reach my hand out for the notepad. He hands it to me. I like spicy things. I hand it back to him. He nods his head just slightly as he reads. I don’t think he knows he’s doing that. He chuckles when he reaches my last one.

“Why yourself?” he hands me the notepad. I’m the only person who has stuck with me throughout everything. I can only rely on me. He looks to me when he’s done.

“Did something happen to you?” he asks. I nod. He doesn’t push for another answer to the question everyone asks. After that it’s silent.


During school, I find out that four out of my seven classes, are with Leo, plus lunch. In two of them, he sits next to me and in another, there are no assigned seats like lunch. It’s kinda awkward but we are able to ‘talk’ and work. The day wasn’t so bad. One of the classes he had with me was gym. Of course, I chose to run, again, and Leo joins me. He doesn’t ask any questions. He just runs beside me until the day ends. When I start running towards the sidewalk going back to my house, he touches my arm, knowing if he grabbed me it may not have ended well.

“Where are you going?” I write, Mi Casa because he’s also in Spanish with me.

“Mind if I come along?” he asks with a smile. I shrug, smile, and then nod back. I start off running and he follows. Once we can see our houses, we slow down so we can cool off. Leo’s panting.

“How, pant, do you, pant, run so, pant, far, pant, without having to, pant, catch your breath?” he asks. I shrug. Practice, I write. He laughs.

“Well,” he says after finally catching his breath. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” I nod and smile. He smiles back and starts walking backwards towards his house. I wave and he do so back. I have a feeling that this year is going to be really good.

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About This Story
3 May, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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