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Silence Part 3
Silence Part 3

Silence Part 3


That whole week was probably the easiest ever. No one teased me at school, Leo walked, and ran, with me to and from school everyday, and I’m becoming more comfortable around him.

“You thinking about something good there, Rose?” Leo asks when he notices my smile. I blush and look down. He lifts my head back up and puts his hand on my cheek.

“Why do you hide? Don’t you know you’re beautiful?” He says this sweet shit almost as much as he teases and jokes around. I feel more heat rush to my cheeks. He chuckles and releases me from his hand to bush a stand of hair that had fallen over my face away. We continue our walk to school, both of us telling the stories of our lives.

At school, we wave to each other. We have our second class together but not the first. Once the bell rings, I rush out only to run into some guy. I look up and see the concerned face of Leo.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry. I didn’t see you,” he says. I nod with a light smile and reach out to take his hand that he’s offered. We don’t let go of each other’s hands until we reach Chemistry. Of course, we sit next to eat other in this class so we take out our stuff once we sit down.

‘What’s your favorite subject?’ he asks through a note.

‘Are you really asking me that now?’ I write back. I try to pass it back to him but when I notice the dead seriousness shown on his face I take it back and write, ‘I don’t know. I guess it’s a tie between Spanish and Gym.’

‘Why?’ he writes back.

‘Well, Spanish because I think it’s cool to learn about other cultures. I like to learn languages. I can already speak French, German and Mandarin so I’m just adding Spanish to the list. Gym because it makes me feel free of everything that’s happened. I feel like air, just flowing through the atmosphere with absolutely everywhere to go.’ He reads the note and writes down something. He hands it back.

‘That’s a lot of languages. Write something down in both of them. That’s a very nice outlook on gym. Many people just think that it’s a waste of time and they could be doing something else. If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly happened? I know you can tell the the whole thing but I care for you and want to know what you’re going through.’

‘German: Ich mag deine augen. French: Ils sont très hypnotisants. Chinese: 我喜欢你.’

’ I write and pass to him. He passes the note back. It asks what they mean.

‘German: I like you eyes. French: They are very mesmerizing.’

‘What about the one in Chinese?’ I write back saying that I’m not telling.

‘Can you tell me anything about what happened?’ he writes.

I hesitate. I tend to not tell people about myself but with him, it seems like everything is different. ‘Basically, well, I’m adopted and before them I kept getting switched around to different foster homes. Something happened in one and, yea.’ I pass the note back to him. He reads it and then the bell rings. We get up and he pulls me to him.

“Thank you for telling me that part,” he tells me quietly in my ear. I blush and look down. He chuckles and leads me out into the hallway.

He walks me to our Spanish class and we sit down next to each other. The teacher is talking about the differents types of speech in spanish. Verbs, nouns, and whatever else she feels she needs to cover.

“Do you already know this stuff?” asks Leo after noticing the look of pure boredom on my face. I nod and then explain more on a note. ‘Where I used to live, I took a Spanish class. We were pretty far ahead so all this stuff at the beginning if stuff I know.’ He nods and turns back to the front. I pull out a notebook and start drawing. By the time class is over, I’ve drawn a room with a person inside of it. I never drawing with intention. I just start and see where it leads me. It’s very calming. I get up to head to lunch and then remember that Leo is coming with me. I turn around to see an empty seat. My face falls slightly. Oh well. He must’ve found better company. Not that finding better company than me is that hard. You just have to find someone who’ll talk. I turn back around and am met with a chest. I look up and see Leo. He holds out his arm.

“Mil’ Lady. May I escort you to lunch?” he asks with a smile. I smile back and tak hi arm. He chuckles under his breath and I blush as we leave the classroom. I blush even more when we walk down the hall and I see most of the students there staring.

Once we have or lunches, we go outside to our usual spot under our tree.

“Let’s play twenty questions again,” suggest Leo. I nod.

“Okay. I’ll go first. Do you ever wish for siblings?” I shrug.

“What does that mean?” he asks. I write, ‘It means yes because then I wouldn’t be so lonely, no because they would be dragged into my life and no one really wants that.’ He reads through my note looking thoughtful. I take it back once I know he’s done and write myt question.

‘Do you ever wish you didn’t have any siblings?’

“No,” he says with no hesitation. I tilt my head as to say, Why? “Because I wouldn’t give them up for anything. They are my best friends and always will be. It’s not like they can leave. They’re five and nine.” I smile at that. “But even if they could, we’re so close, we’d probably all go.” I nod, understanding where he’s coming from.

“My turn. Why don’t you talk? Surely you can but why don’t you?” I think for a minute and then start writing. It’s because of what happened before. I can’t talk though. Believe me, I’ve tried. I end up freezing up and I don’t wake up for hours after that. He nods as he reads.

“Oh,” he says. “When was the last time you tried?” Around three years ago, I write.

“Well, do you think, maybe, it won’t happen if you try again?” I shrug. He drops the idea and for the remainder of lunch we eat in a comfortable silence.

The bell rings for the end of the period. I wave to Leo because this is one of the three classes we don’t have together. When I get to calculus I overhear some girls raving about how cute Leo is. I can’t say I disagree but it’s kind of unsettling to hear people gossipping like that about their crushes or how hot people are. I roll my eyes and tune them out.

Calculus is one of my easier classes. I’m good at math and I already know the stuff they’re teaching. While the teacher drones on and on about what differential equations are I start doodling. Thankfully, he didn’t call on me for answers or anything.

Once the bell rings, I hurry out and see Leo waiting for me across the hall. I smile and walk over to him. I see looks of envy from some of the girls I overheard talking and that just makes me smile bigger.

“Hey,” he says when I reach him. I smile.

“Ready?” I nod. We head down the hallway.

“How was calculus?” he asks. I told him how I already knew everything they were teaching in that class so I shrug.

“That bad?” he says jokingly with a teasing smile. I smile back and shove him lightly.

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10 May, 2019
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6 mins
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