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Silent moments

Silent moments

By Pipppy12

“Sparky, where are you going?” I shouted as I chased my golden retriever down the street. His fur swaying in the wind as he ran further and further away. His red squeaky toy reclining in his mouth. I followed him as he continued to simmer in the attention.

The day was gorgeous.

The wind whistling in its journey, as the rich sun expressed its beauty. The immaculate grass reflecting all nature’s delicacy. The beauty of my quiet life, a rose in blowing.

Invading my mind, Sparky had proceeded up the street. His tail remaining high, like a ball of ice glittering in the frozen sea of the sky.

I was losing my grip on him, had been for so many years.

We reached Main Street, where the cars would litter the road, and people would stroll along the paths. The quiet mumble, it was everywhere.

I pursued Sparky, noticing that the rubber toy had leapt from his mouth, the wind angling it towards the road.

Then I saw it. My worst nightmare becoming true. I played it over in my mind like a movie reel. He was always cute and loving. That’s why when he ran across the road to retrieve his toy, I had predicted the worst.



The car halted as did many behind, circling my dog that laid in the middle of the road. His fur marked black and blue. Blood dripping from his snout and ear. Body concealing the severe injury he held.

I staggered onto the road, pushing everyone away. I watched the cars speed past me in the other lane, watched them look at me in horror. Then I looked at Sparky, who shed crimson tears.

He was snatching furiously at breath like a tiger snatching at his meat.

“I’m sorry miss! I-I didn’t m-mean too. Please forgive me.” I ignored him, despite his pleas for forgiveness.

I stood on the footpath, holding Sparky’s delicate body, laying him peacefully along the ground. My tears escaped, seeping into his plush fur. We sounded like a murderous musical. My cries and his whimpering.

The man quickly sped off, neglecting the current situation. The murderer always attempts to flee in the end.

I patted his fluffy fur and continued to sob tears of regret and hopelessness. Sparky is my world; my guardian angel. The only memento I had of my past life.

The squeak of ecstasy popped out of nowhere, as Sparky’s tail landed on his favourite toy, the one he treasured so much. Heaven was calling, asking me to let go, so I kissed his head, cuddled him tight.

“Goodbye Sparky.”

His body settled as more tears formed in my eyes. I was leaking like a waterfall. Looking down at his battered face, I knew it was the end.

So as his spirit slowly slipped away, his tongue licked away all my tears, showing me a soul that could never be destroyed.

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About This Story
13 Nov, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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