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ThomastheRayThomas Ray
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Sirel locked the door behind her and sat down to write the letter. She dipped the feather in the ink and held the tip above the paper.

She shouldn’t write it. She had prepared herself for this moment, told herself she wouldn’t make this decision, and now, even when the fate of her kingdom hung over an abyss, she was going to give in.

Footsteps sounded behind her. The room had been empty. She looked behind herself and the door was still shut. The key was next to her hand. It seemed that no one had entered, yet Sirel knew another being was in the room with her.

He had arrived. She needed to hurry.

Telian, salutations from Erthell.

Her stress poured life into the pen, coloring the paper with lies.

I am prepared. The plan will go on and I will cooperate. My request is that It be made to look as if I was killed. Not one soul from my kingdom shall hear or see the truth. I can’t bear the thought of them knowing that I am betraying them. Under these conditions I will go with you to your kingdom.

I grant my services, though reluctantly, to you and yours.

With resignation,


Her massage ended, she sealed the letter shut and breathed in deeply. The real challenge lay ahead. The cold presence finally materialized behind her. A voice spoke in her head.

“You’ve done it. No return.”

“No,” she returned, “I can’t go back from this kind of choice, can I?”

It didn’t reply. Sirel continued with a question.

“And. . . If I don’t send it? What will happen then?”

“You will die.” The simple truth cut her to the center.

“Yes. . .” She sighed. No peace for traitors such as her. Sirel stood. The cold figure left, returning the room to its normal temperature. A tear found its way down Sirel’s cheek. She was really going through with it. Betrayal. Treason.

Where, Sirel wondered, was the desired rest of spirit she lacked? When would she sleep easily? Where was the escape route from her life of trouble and deceit?

She wandered down to the main hall and located a messenger boy. Giving him the letter, she told him to take it to the border and wait for someone to fetch it from him. The messenger left.

An emotionless cold seeped around her heart and once again the voice spoke to her. This time louder. Clearer.

“You made the right choice. You will survive.”

No other consolation came. Sirel herself couldn’t justify what she had just done. Selling her people’s lives to save her own was an act of cowardice even she couldn’t believe she would carry out.

Too late. The words of her demon echoed in her mind.

“No return.”

Author Notes: This I wrote about a year ago. Please leave a review, I love to hear what you think of my stories.

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About The Author
Thomas Ray
About This Story
20 Jun, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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