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Sister....Are you alive?

Sister....Are you alive?

By sweetmoon

My father, a man of crime, hate, betray, and every single word that can describle him. He killed my mother right infront of my eyes. No police ever found her body and no one ever heard my words when i told them how he had killed her. Back then my sister was only 2 years old and i was 7years old. Soon when my sister was 9, he sold us to a big fat man to please him evertime he would come to our house.

One day my father abused,ofme in the most horrible way ever written. He was drunk and hit me so hard that ever part of my face was fill with blood. I told him not to hit me anymore but he grab me by my neck as hard as he could. My breath was cutting and he later push me to the wall. My eyes fell close and as soon as i woke up, i no longer had my clothes on. I yell in panic and my tears fell like river. My sister ran over to me, to hug me as close as she could to protect me.

Few years later, i turn 24 years old, my father tried to abused of my sister too. I heard her yell as i saw him attacking her. I grab a bat and hit him on the head. My father fell to the ground as i grab my sister and started running. As we started running out to the outside, a gun shot was heard. I didnt dare to look back but my sister stop. I looked at her and told her to run. It was to late, her stomach was bleeding as she fell to the ground.

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11 May, 2011
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1 min
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