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Sister Lockets
Sister Lockets
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Sister Lockets


There once was this locket that had had a home around a beautiful lady’s neck. This lady had a sister with a matching locket. Inside each of their lockets a picture of the other sister was inside. These two sisters’ names were never known, but these two sisters loved each other to death. They loved each other so much that they would do everything together and dress the exact same. They were not twins but, they had a similar personality. There was a huge difference though, their mother loved one sister more than the other sister and vice versa with the father. The two sisters would constantly fight over who was the better child when they weren’t the best of friends.

One day, the first sister took the second sister on a walk into the forest by their house, the first sister didn’t know what she wanted to do when she got the second sister out to the forest. She had just thought that she had wanted to go on a walk with the other sister, not try to murder her out of envy/jealousy. It was a good thing that the first sister had stopped herself before she killed the second sister, if she did that the story wouldn’t be able to go on.

Then, the next day the second sister took the first sister to one of their favorite places to go, the well in the woods. She had also had the same overwhelming feeling to murder the first sister. But, luckily, she had more self-control to not let that happen, thankfully. When, the two sisters had gotten back to their house they both said to the other, “I need to tell you something.”, so they went up to the first sister’s room, closed the door, and sat on the floor.

The sisters started to tell the other about the weird overwhelming feeling they had had in the woods. They talked all night about scenarios that could have possibly happened but, crossed them off the list after they discussed it a while more. The only conclusion that seemed to make any sense was that maybe the lockets were cursed.

The first sister went to her favorite parent and asked her where the locket had come from and vice versa with the second sister. Both of the parents said the same exact thing, they had gotten the lockets from a pawn shop. The shop’s name was, Pawnings for Family, it was a shop full of things for families and the sister’s parents had one day stopped there to get a gift for the both of them.

Their mother and father had kept the lockets a secret until the twins’ birthday, and as soon as the girls had opened the lockets they put them on. The reason those lockets were so special to them was because, they made the girls feel more connected with each other and their parents. The girls loved each other so much more because they felt like they could connect more with the lockets than without the lockets, especially with their parents.

But, after having the lockets for one to two months the sisters started to act weird, the parents didn’t notice and neither of the sisters had any idea of what was going on with the other because, they had no idea what was going on with their selves.


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17 Jan, 2018
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2 mins
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