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Sisters diary

Sisters diary

By Dgpg1

Dear diary, 
Hi im Lilly ,and this is My first Ever elecotronic diary and i am excited   and My parents are whaching big bang  therier  cause its the best show ever! So, i know that you are not real but I'm am going to call you dede sinsersly,

Dear dede,so i watched phyic it was the head guy Eli it was funny he goes, "my name is Eli but you can call me Eli"
Lol that means laugh out loud and gtg means got to go and o yeah brb means be right back and the eaiest on is bff best friend forever lol that meas laught out loud o a new one mnic my name is carsyn, and lshifomdjkidhadbiidiwnib means laughing so hard that I fell of my dinosaur just kidding but if I had a dinosuar I would name it bob ok there what on more lian legend is a nerd ok some more iatb i am the best and ttg time to go, finaly ttyl talk to you later and there is just jk whoch is just kidding so finaly over bye the way gtg,or ttg,and ttyl sinserly,Lilly  ps l8ter g8ter means later gator get it lol (laugh out loud)

Dear dede, soo I am in bed with my dog angle we call her baby though she is small and white bye, lilly

Dear dede,sorry about the other day but I just had a idea I could copy and paste jk just copy it in my paper diary that I have not writen for like a year and that was old facts when you read it I like todaly a diffrent guy know and me and the guy I liked last year is just a buddie ok I can't hold it in any longer WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and we are getting a chorkiy it is a chiwawa and a yorkie mixed and I am getting it from my basketball buddie annabell bye o wait mr.poppers Penguins is tomrorrow and so is our christmas party i am sososososo exsited ok i am going to try to go to bed ttyl,Lilly 

Dear dede,OMG i missed a day so we got thé puppy and we tool her to the vet today and she hates her cadge and she is in it so she is going crazy I Feel so bad and wait the dog is quiet btw her name is manning like petyon manning gtg ok got a néw one syl it stands for  see you later bye,Lilly 

Dear diary,
Sorry I have not writen in for like a long time so I got to Christmas I got a snuggie some new clothes a frame sone nail polish scobby doo game a pillow 10$ that we are going spend tomorrow with gran she is the one who gave it to me o yea and a new iPod cover oyeah A NEW IPOD the only bad thing is I don't get to bring it over so I feel bad gtg ,*lilly*

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About This Story
28 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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