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Sister's Love
Sister's Love

Sister's Love


Sister's Love:

I have this old sister of mine, she's 23 and I'm 18. We are so close unlike of the other siblings out there, food is are third bestfriend. She's also a teacher for me, she teaches me about school and how to manage my SHORT TEMPER DISORDER. We bond together a lot though she's on college and I'm on High school. She wakes up early in the morning and prepare things for me.
One Monday morning, I lay on my bed lazy and tired and I don't wanna go to school. Since it's school day, she try to wake me up and get ready. She pull the cover off my body and I keep on pulling it back, she tickled my feet and I resisted, she pull a joke to catch my attention but it doesn't work.. I get off the cover and look at her and said "ughhh it's so early 5 minutes more please". She put her index finger on her nose and said "Ready for my final attack?" and she just did put a booger on my feet. My eyes so dim, I feel the heat running through my body, and I'd kicked her in the stomach pretty hard that she bumped against the cabinet next to her. "I said it's too early!!!" and I'd go under my cover and close my eyes.A minute of silence, and I heard her cry, at first I thought she's just joking but then I get up and saw blood on the floor. And she keep on saying "Baby please don't leave mommy, not now.., I feel sorry for what your aunt did,she just can't manage her anger for now"
I looked at her and tears flow down on my cheeks. 😢😢😢

Author Notes: Love your sisters, others may not be sweet but the real thing is that they love you they're just not that showy. Hope you like it. Philippines-

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18 Oct, 2016
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