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Sitting in my room
Sitting in my room

Sitting in my room


As I sit on my bed, I noticed my heartbeat increasing, hairs lifting on my arms. I am aware of something happening around me. I feel the coldness reaching from the closet out to me, but there is no draft coming in, I’ve checked last time. It has to be the old man again, or maybe the little boy; the man lives in my closet. Why must he hurt me, I did nothing wrong! I’m cold, have clammy hands, and light-headed as it creeps up to my knees. I try to fight back; I want to run, but I’m glued to my chair, unable to move. I try to scream, but he takes my voice. The coldness reaches my chest and squeezes so hard. My lungs are burning, why won’t he stop. I must try something, anything, but I know I can’t. I’ve been here before. He has complete control except for my mind. You can’t have it, I beg and cry, but it falls on deaf ears as everything goes black.

I awaken on the floor of my room drench in sweat, like the last four times he’s come for me. I told my parents, but they say it’s all in my head. How can it be, I’m only a young child, unaware of the horrors outside! They have sheltered me my entire life. They think I’m acting out for attention; I wish it was just that easy. He’ll come again tonight as I lay on my bed reading. I’ve never asked for this. How could I! I can’t even talk to him to see what I did. My long hair gets tangled and my mother swears. Must you do this every time you’re upset? I say that it’s not me, but she doesn’t believe me. I get hit in the head so I keep quiet.

Like the time I fell down the stairs, after the little boy got mad, because I wouldn’t share my toys. I ended up in the hospital talking to a specialist. They thought I did it on purpose. Why, oh why is this happening to me? The little boy is so mean, he hits me and causes bruises that people can see. Does this happen to others? Nope, just me. I asked my friends at school and they all laugh at me like I’m some freak; I didn’t ask for this and I withdraw from others, I just want to be normal. So I sit in my room thinking of something to do. I don’t want to be in fear anymore, Just Leave me alone. That’s all I want, to be alone. He will soon come for me again. The creepy hands all over my body, taking what he wants as I’m left empty. Hair tangled in knots, screaming at the top of my lungs. Why, oh why must he come for me? I want to end this never-ending circle, but I don’t know what to do. I could end my life, but what would that prove. I’ll just be that crazy kid sitting in my room.

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About This Story
14 Sep, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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