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Six-Gun Sally Chapter: 2

Six-Gun Sally Chapter: 2

By Fencepost

Chapter 2: Redemption

Six-Gun Sally felt confident that Astar would stay away for at least a spell. Sally, Bluefire, and the twin leopards quietly walked around Nancy's small humble residence. Willy and Nancy were sitting down to a comfortable meal, talking and exchanging glances. Nancy had her photo book out showing him her late husband Charles's photograph. "He pastored a church for 35 years?" asked Willy "Oh yes he was one heck of a preacher." Nancy stated with nostalgia "I remember back before we got married, the first time I saw him was right here in Surrender at the mountain man revival meeting." She paused for a moment deep in thought. "He was up there preaching he couldn't of been more than twenty-two years old." Nancy's eyes glistened as she shares her heart with Willy. "I was still a senior in high school he was so handsome, his mannerisms were so precise and timed. I remember him speaking of the prodigal son and how Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. I was lost at that time Willy, I had never given my heart or my life to Christ. Sure I'd been to sunday school who hadn't." Nancy states rather bluntly. "I remember it like it was yesterday, Charles said if you don't pay attention to another word I say open them ears and hear this. There is no other name given under heaven, among the human race whereby we must be saved. For He is the only propitiation for our sin, there remaineth no other sacrifice." Charles echoed through the revival tent. 'He locked his eyes with my eyes. I'll never forget what he said "Won't you accept and give your life to Christ today, for the field is ripe, but the laborers are few." Nancy takes Willy's hand and says "I fell to my knees and accepted Christ right then and there, we were married 3 months later."

Sally was cleaning her angelic pistols listening to Nancy's story. "Oh yea you remember Charles, don't ya Angeleyes?" she sighs a moment "That beast Hypo-Kracken, I could never forget that battle. Had a stronghold on Charles up til he was twenty-one." Angeleyes purrs as Brighteyes lets out a muffled roar in unison. Bluefire perks his ears up for just a moment, then quietly falls back to sleep. Just as Sally was getting comfortable, Id walks in. Id, was a selfish demon who only thought of himself. Sally twirls her six guns as she places them back in their holster's. 'I wondered who'd show up first." she states rather dryly. Looking at Willy she begins to see divine light coming off him in waves. Angeleyes and Brighteyes quickly get up and growl showing their ivory teeth. 'Looks like you lost this round ole boy. Your services will no longer be required this evening." Sally says gleaming with a high beam smile from ear to ear. 'That's ok, Lucifer will be accusing him before the throne soon enough." Id reveals a sinster smirk as he walks out the cottage.

As the morning dew begins to form on the city of Surrender. Sally remembers fighting the stronghold Hypo-Kracken on Charles's life. The Kracken the unseen titan of manking comes to the Valley of Serenity to wage war against a saint of the Most High God. Churches and all the people of the small town of Surrender ask "Lord, why can't everyone be like me? Why can't these people fear God correctly and walk upright?" The Kracken's unseen master Hypo is happily rideing his titan monster. Hypo knows this is what he likes to feed on. Thinks to himself oh my this town looks delicious. A very small church in the city of Surrender asks Jesus "Lord please help us, the self-righteous seem ready to consume us?" "Lord God Almighty please help!" A trumpet sounds, a decree is cast. The Spirit of the Living God casts such a decree. Who in this frontier can save such a remant as these? A flash of light a burst of thunder, and the quickening emerge's. Six-Gun Sally on her steed Bluefire appears knowing God Almighty has sent her to battle against an ancient foe from Babel. Angeleyes and Brighteyes, Sally's twin leopard cats appear to be following her always mindful of their next task.

As Sally and her heavenly trio decend into Surrender, Angeleyes looks at the Kracken. The Kracken smirks thinking "I am ten times your size cat." Bluefire's nostrils erupt blueflames as he snorts, slowly stomping his hoofs. Sally's words are peaceful yet stern. "Hypo you need to move along. The faithful have asked that you clear outta here." Hypo laughs "What? My time is not yet come angel of the Lord Most High!" Sally looks to the left and looks to the right, hands criss-crossed, one on each hilt. Sorry to say, your wrong boy." The King of Kings has decreed your demise after you hung him on a tree." Hypo-Kracken begins to wail and thrash around becoming violent. "You can't kick me outta heaven then force me into a cage." Sally looks him dead in the eye "Who said anything about a cage, Charles don't need you no more,?" As she looks at Charles's divine hue of heavenly light coming from his entire body. Hypo-Kracken starts throwing disease, decay, and pestilance at Sally and her holy trio. "Your gonna pay for that you angel of the Most High God." Sally, Bluefire, and the twins are wounded and suddenly surrounded by a hoard of vile creatures rising from the unforgotten imagination of the abyss. The four are out-numbered, out-gunned, out-matched. Hypo slowly gets off his unholy steed Kracken saying "Sally that all you got, your no match for my six-thousand years of hypocrisy, Your no match for my six-thousand years of pain, death, and illusion!" Hypo moves in for the killing blow.

With Sally's last breath, with her last plea she cries "JESUS!" with the voice with the shout of a archangel, the skies open, the heavens hear her cry. A all consuming rain begins to fall healing Sally, Bluefire, Angeleyes, and Brighteyes. All four rise up, staring hypocrisy down. Hypo quickly gets back on Kracken his unholy steed. Hypo begins to shake, he begins to tremble, he begins to quake in his unholy boots. Hypo knows his days are done, he knows that before him stands JESUS of NAZERETH! Sally pulls out her crome pistols filled with holyfire she looks up to heaven. Jesus gives her a nod! Sally cries "Justice" Sally summersalts in the air as a array of shots ring out. And Hypo-Kracken is no more in the life of Charles the husband of Nancy. A satisfied smile crosses Sally's lips as she reminisces. Heavenly mana begins to fall in the unseen realm of spirit. 'It's time" states Sally with anticipation. Sally begins gathering enough mana for her and her animal trio to last the day. Bluefire is so happy he starts chomping down. Brighteyes and Angeleyes begin playfully ripping their mana apart throwing it up in the air and catching it as they play tag throughout Nancy's cottage. Angeleyes and Brighteyes look so happy as they play together.

Sally recalls one of her fondest memory's way back in time when she meet these too. The twins were just cubs then, barely able to stand. She remembers how these two had been caught in between a fierce tribal war. She thinks to herself, "Wow was it that long ago?" The two cubs lay dead she remembers thinking to herself. "That is such a shame." Then how the grief turned to happiness as a cherub comes running through the field praising the King of Kings, the Lord Most High, the Alapha and Omega. As the cherub touches the cubs, the heavenly child says "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." Sally looks in amazement, she knows these winged cherubims are always before the face of Jesus. She has just never seen one out in the spirit world. As the cubs arise and look at Sally she hugs them with delight. The cherub asks 'Will you look after them then, Six-Gun Sally?" 'Oh yes most definitely, thank you." Sally exclaims full of joy. Sally remembered wondering, "How does an angel have a pet and a mount?" As the cherub flys off, Sally thinks to herself "Wow they are fast." In a instant the cherub is out of sight.

As Sally finshes her daydream she exclaims "I was a youngin back then, and I am still learning, the Lord does work in mysterious ways doesn't He boys." Brighteyes lets loose a massive roar in full agreement, as Bluefire snorts and lets out a nicker.

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29 Feb, 2012
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