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Skeleton Lady

Skeleton Lady

By Aaron Sebastians

Tom and Gerald were playing a stupid game in the kitchen when Tom’s parents were gone and thought they could contact spirits by messing around with a oujia board. After some time ‘talking’ to ghosts, they decided to stop. Getting up from their chairs, Gerald froze and his eyes grew.

“Tom,” he whispered, “Tom!”
“Turn around.”
Tom laughs, “Yeah, like I’m gonna fall for that” and Tom begins to walk right beside Gerald.

Gerald reached his arm out and grabbed Tom.
“No! Someone’s there.”
Tom turned around to see a pale skeleton-like lady standing in the other room just outside of the kitchen entrance staring at them.
“What the hell” said Tom. “Don’t worry Gerald, I’m gonna go into the other room and call the police.”
“Tom!” Gerald cried in fear as he stared at the skeleton lady, “don’t leave me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna call the police and come back right away, okay?”
Gerald thought it through with intensity, “...okay. Just hurry back.”
Tom turned around to the family room to get on the rotary phone, but when turning, he froze.
He saw the same lady, the skeleton lady in the family room waiting in the dark staring at him.

“Gerald,” Tom said, “she’s in the family room.”
“What? No. She can’t ‘cause I’m looking right at her.”
“Turn around Gerald, look.”
Gerald stayed put, “I’m not looking away.”
Tom with little thought told Gerald, “Let’s go upstairs.”
“WHAT” Gerald hushly exclaimed, “Are you trying to kill us?”
“No. There’s a phone up there. If we keep an eye on her...well, both of them, they can't attack us.”
“How do you know that they won’t come after us?”
Tom told him, “‘cause if they would attack, they would’ve done it already. Just keep an eye on them and we will be fine” reassuring himself.

Back-to-back, they walk up the stairs. Both of the skeleton ladies stayed in place, or at least hopefully didn’t move when they were out of sight. Tom opened the door to his parent’s room and separated from Gerald’s back as he turned the wheel on the rotary phone while Gerald kept attention to the bedroom door.
Tom got in contact with the police and told them the situation.
He then hung up and turned around then gasping for breath as he backed away.

“Gerald,” he said, “I thought you were watching the door.”
“I was.”
“Why is the lady inside the room then?”
“What lady?”
Tom in disbelief, “she’s standing in front of you.”
Gerald stares at the door, “There’s no one there.”
“Gerald,” Tom said whispering,
“Can’t you feel her breath?”

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About The Author
Aaron Sebastians
About This Story
25 Feb, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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