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Skinny 3

Skinny 3

By Anonymoose

Bre is a 15 year old california girl. She's a thin girl with long wavy locks of untamed shades of blonde and striking green eyes. Her voice was permanently damaged by purging, leaving her voice unnaturally high. She's been in Arizona for 32 days at Appaloosa and  made a best friend named Alex. They talked about everything and always sat hip to hip. Alex has been there for almost as long so she knew the improvements Bre had made. 
"When you came here you were dying. Now youre probably leaving soon." 
"Oh, I wasn't dying.." Bre dismissed Alex's comment but continued to think about it. Leaving? It seemed unreal. "You're going to leave the same time I do." She assured Alex. 
"I don't want to go back.." There was a long silence. "My girlfriend doesn't get it.. My parents think I'm a freak." Bre knew she had problems but not bad enough to want to stay at Appaloosa. Strangely, Bre and Alex were only a 20 minute drive away back home. 
"You don't need them. My family would totally let you stay any time. We can go to the beach and jump on the trampoline and sneak low fat cocktails.." Bre always talked about what they'd do in California. She was craving alcohol all the time but feared the exclusively high calories. Alex didn't seem any more hopeful. 
"I don't want to be here either. I can't keep hiding the secrets. It's a matter of time before they Catch on.." She looked around quickly before continuing. "I'm purging more than every night now. I'm going to lose weight.." She looked upset with herself. Suddenly the new girl Stephanie appeared and announced it was snack time. 

Bre lined up with the others and took a short time choosing her food. She settled with ritz crackers, peanut butter and a banana. She was quite hungry and ate in silence, still thinking about Alex's confession. Alex was slipping but ate like nothing was wrong. 

After snack and a 30 minute monitoring period, everyone was called to form a group. A small boy in a wheel chair was missing. The room was quiet without his feeding tube machine. 
"We have some important news.. Victor has been transferred to Phoenix children's hospital and will no longer continue treatment here. Another one of the group is leaving too! Alex!" Everyone grinned jealously and looked admiringly at Alex. Alex went pale. She said nothing. "I will pull you aside shortly to discuss details. Also, we are getting a new patient this evening."
"What's their name?"
"Is it a boy?"
"Are they ugly?"
"Isabelle! That's not appropriate.. Her name is Shelby, she's 17 and from Texas." Everyone talked quietly while Alex was excused. Bre was shocked, how could this be happening so quickly? she secretlywondered why she wasn't going home first.. Alex was rentered to the group and bombarded with questions of leaving 
"I'm leaving next week on Saturday. In the morning." 
"Do you feel ready?" 
"No.. Don't tell anyone but I've been doing bad." Bre sat lovingly with Alex, waiting for her to say more. She knew her struggles. 
"What do you mean, hiding food?" Asked Stephanie. 
"Purging." Stephanie stifled a quiet "oh." And not much more was said. 
That night dinner was successful. It was one of the lighter meals- salad. Everyone ate somewhat normally and then the new girl, shelby was introduced. She was homely and wore glasses. She looked judgmental. She was sickly thin and pale with long dark brunette hair and a small slightly turned up nose. She hadvery empty eyes. She didn't even look around at the others while she muttered a hello. Bre said warmly, "if you have any questions, come to me! I've been here a while and-"
"Can you just leave me alone for now?" Shelby looked incredulously pissed off and Bre wa slightly offended. She understood tho, and went back to the others. 

At snack time everyone lined up including Shelby. They were each given cereal and milk and depending on your meal plan, a fruit. Shelby didn't touch hers. When asked to at least pour her milk, she burst into tears and shot up from the table and out of the room. The tech called someone official and informed her of Shelby's outburst. Shelby could be distantly heard wailing. Everyone was quiet as a mouse, in hopes of eavesdropping. But the tech put an end to it and turned up the horrible pop music on the television. By the time everyone was going to  sleep, Shelby was getting worse. She was now throwing a full on fit. 
"I don't want to be here with these fucking ugly people! I don't belong, I don't have anything fucking wrong with me! Let me call my mom you fat bitch!" The tech ordered everyone in their rooms and brought them each their meds. 
"We don't want anyone to hear her.. Some people just need to let it out." While the door was open Bre heard Shelby scream, "how could you drop me off and leave me? You tricked me and abandoned me and I hate you. I hope you all die!" And a crash. Then more sobbing. 

"Ifeel bad for her parents." Bre said to her roommate Isabelle. Isabelle turned over in her bed and said, 
"I feel bad for Stephanie. She's her roommate."

Author Notes: Taken from real experiences of myself and others. Names changed. Read the other parts if you like (:

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21 Aug, 2014
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4 mins
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