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Skinny 5

Skinny 5

By Anonymoose

Alex had just left Appaloosa ranch and her best friend Bre was missing her quite badly. However, Bre was leaving today. And there was a new patient coming. After everyone said their goodbyes to Bre, except Shelby who refused to leave the great room, and Appaloosa was down one. A new patient was on their way tho, and arrived within 30 minutes of anothernew patient. Genesis, the beautiful strawberry blonde was quietly reading a Stephen king book (different seasons) when Shelby started conversation.
"Do you like everyone here?" 
"Yes.. Do you?"
"Umm." She smiled. Geni took that as a no and kept reading. "My roommate is so fucking annoying. She stays up reading all night and is constantly getting up." Geni wasn't about to talk behind Stephanie's back. "And we eat SO much here.. I'm so bloated!" Genesis Looked down at Shelby's dangerously flat stomach and scuffed. She couldn't argue with the excessive food.
"Yeah we eat all the time. But it gets easier. You have to try." Shelby looked annoyed and decided genesis wasn't negative enough to befriend and shuffled away. Geni wasn't going to talk behind her friends back but Shelby was no friend. She told the girls everything which started something of an alliance. Everyone against Shelby. The girls went out of their way to exclude Shelby. Especially Stephanie. Even the new patients caught on, which turned out to be two girls. One from Kansas named Peyton and another from Arizona named Nichole. Nichole was 12 and resorted to peer pressure easily. She did everything the girls did. The staff noticed the alliance and called a group. Shelby was extremely uncomfortable and sobbing so hard her glasses slipped from her nose. 
"I don't want to be here! I'm getting so fat!" Isabelle took offense to this because she herself was over weight.
"I'm like way bigger than you.." Isabelle pointed it out bluntly and Shelby said,
"This isn't about you. Youre here because you love food and can't stop eating-"
"That's enough, come with me.." The tech took Shelby out and the group was stunned. Stephanie looked at her body secretively and shamefully. 
"Don't listen to her. She's just mad that she can't get what she wants and her opinion doesn't matter anyways." Peyton was a sweet girl and wanted to help everyone but herself. Stephanie agreed, and everyone else added some words of encouragement, glad that Shelby didn't attack them. Things were going to get tougher at Appaloosa ranch.. 

Author Notes: Taken from experience at treatment. Other people's and my own, names have been changed. Read the sequels and prequels of skinny if you're interested(:

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21 Aug, 2014
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2 mins
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