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Skinny 4

Skinny 4

By Anonymoose

"Has your hair gotten longer?" Alex's mother asked hopefully.
"Yes. But I'm going to cut it short again." Her mother hated her style. She taunted her for being gay all the time. She would say she wanted her daughter back, and ask how she ended up with a son. It hurt Alex. 
"Well. Are you excited?"
"Yes.." Alex lied. She was NOT excited. She hated her family and her girlfriend, as awful as that sounds. "That reminds me.. Mom, could you do something for me?"
"Well..being here has made me realize I don't really want to be with Kelsey and more.. But I don't want to tell her. Could you get my things from her house and break the news?"
"Oh, Alex! That's great! You know, Inever approved of her-"
"I know mom.."
"My friends son is your age, maybe you could meet him.." After the conversation, Alex went to tell Bre she was now single and how terrible her mom was about it.
"Geez, what a bummer. Oh well, now you can date me, eh?" Bre winked at Alex. Bre meant it playfully but alex was secretly infatuated with Bre. She didn't want to ruin the friendship they had tho, and figured she wouldn't have a chance anyway. Alex took the hint as her chance though. Maybe it was a sudden spontaneous burst.
"Bre, I have had the biggest crush on you from the moment we met." Bre's mouth hung open. "If you dont have anything to say I understand and ill leave you alone-"
"Come to my room tonight. Pretend you're going to get meds and stop by the room. Make sure no one sees you though!"
"Why?" Alex kind of liked how this was going. But Bre just smiled and went inside.

Later than night jut as Bre instructed, about 30 minutes after lights out, Alex set off from her room to bre's. she was nervous, excited, and prepared to fake a headache. She crept from room #2 all the way to Bre In room #6. She tapped on bre's glass door and Bre quickly got out of bed and opened the door. 
"So what was all this about?" Alex asked, but was cut off when Bre planted a long passionate kiss on her lips that made her thighs warm. She wished it was colder so they could stay warm together- as cheesy as it sounds. Finally Bre pulled away and told Alex to hurry before nurse ratchet sees. Alex gratefully pulled herself away too and was floating back to her room like a cloud, carelessly, when the nurse spotted her. 
"What on earth are you doing away from your room?!"
" head.. It hurts." She said weakly. 

The next morning was the big day. The day she was going back home to California. Without Bre.. She was quite depressed. At breakfast Bre was quiet, a little awkward. She made eye contact very few times with Alex. But when it was time to leave she made sure to say a goodbye. Each girl except for the newest and most bitter patient, Shelby, hugged Alex and wished her love and luck. Bre threw herself around Alex and said "about last night.. I love you." She handed her a handwritten note and backed away. It wasnt until later that night as Alex lay in her own bed in her own room that she opened bre's note. It read:
Dear Alex,
I always wanted to try kissing a girl, and I've known you have liked me for a longtime. I'm sorry but I hope you don't take it the wrong way. I'm not sure what I want right now as far as a relationship but I do feel different about you.. Please don't forget about your best friend."
And it was signed with a heart.

Author Notes: Based on relationships I saw in treatment (not me.) names changed. Read the others if you liked it (:

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About This Story
21 Aug, 2014
Read Time
3 mins
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