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By Anonymoose

It was a cool November night. Genesis was waiting in the car as her mom was in the gas station. Her mothers phone went off and genesis was curious.. She took a look just to see who it was. It was her step mom. She could only read the beginning of the message, but it started "I got geni's bathing suit. Did you tell..." Genesis thought to herself, what bathing suit? I already have one. She had to look now that it concerned her. The full message said "I got geni's bathing suit. Did you tell her she's going yet? I think you should tell her before Friday so she can see her friends before she goes." Now genesis was confused and pissed off. She was supposed to be leaving in two days and didn't know anything about it? She forgot her mother was coming back and was staring right at the message. Her face must have been white as a ghost. The phone was quickly snatched from her limp hand and suddenly everything was different. 
"I'm so sorry I didn't tell you.."
"What the hell is going on?!" Genesis demanded to know.
"You're going to treatment. Everything is arranged, I knew you wouldn't agree.. I know it seems cruel but it's because we love you." Genesis didn't say anything but turned away. She was flooded with every emotion you could think of. Excluding happiness of course, although she did feel strangely excited. Maybe anxiousness. 
Later that night when everyone was fast asleep genesis took off all her dangly bracelets and put up her long wavy strawberry blonde hair. Her mission was to steal her moms phone. She hoped she'd be stupid enough to leave it out again. Genesis tip toed out to her mothers room and to her surprise the phone was right there on the dresser. She took it and went back to her room. The conversation continued that now she knew and she's not taking it well. That they hope they can still get her to go. The days leading up to treatment were painful. Slow yet fast. Finally Friday morning came and it was time to go. The car ride was painfully slow. 

Author Notes: Based on someone else's experience that I met. Name changed. Read my sequels of "skinny" if you're interested in eating disorders or treatment.

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21 Aug, 2014
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