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Skipping School

Skipping School

By jasiiBabyy1

Sean and his brother Chris were throwing snow balls at each other they didnt want to go to school so they decided to go around and throw snowballs. Chris decided to throw snowballs at cars Sean threw the first snowball at a blue toyota camry there was a nice sweet lady driven . Then Chris threw the other snowball at a black mini cooper it was a old man. They both decided to throw the snowball at a parked bmw car it was nice and shiny.
They both trew the snowball at the count of 3 and shplshhh!!! The window broke they both ran the man came out and was running as fast as he could He caught them he asked them what is your phone number they both said i dont have a phone number he picked them up and said WHAT IS YOUR PHONE NUMBERS? He spitted in there face as he spoked Sean said,1347-567-8902 but it really wasnt his phone number Chris Said,1347-098-6541 guess what ....... It really was his phone number the guy called there mom and said ummm... Is your son Chris Witt and Sean Witt she says yes what happened the guy said they thought they was funny throwing snowballs and broke my window ohhhhh gosh she said send them home now He let them go and told them get lost When tey got home there mom said why arent you young boys at school they decided to laugh you know what go to your room and now you punished !! They Started to laugh again now your on punishment for 1 month awwwww man!!! Two months they made a groannn You want it to be three months they layed in there bed and never got in trouble again


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12 Dec, 2011
Children's Short Stories

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