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Skull Cracker

Skull Cracker

By chilly72

i dont remember much from my childhood, but wot i do remember, i desperatly want 2 4get! Every night i have the same dream. the dream which will never leave. in the dream i am having a flashback to my past. i am running with my mother. i can hear heavy fast footsteps a short way behind us. i remember my mum. her normally calm deep blue sea eyes, now full of fear. her long black hair, normally twisted up into a tight perfect knot, now tatty and loose across her back. i remember her soft smooth hands, now holding so tight to my hand, that both are a white pale colour. " hold on Zoey"
she takes me to a place of the long lifeless road, where there was no light. She was crying, but no sound. She gently put me behind a small bush; and told me to stay where i was and whatever happens, i shouldn't move. The footsteps were soo close now, that it felt like the person who was chasing us, was right infront of us..... he was. My mother backed away from my hiding place. Aand shut her eyes. The man pushed her to the ground, and placed his fat heavy foot upon my mothers poor weak head. He took all his weight of the ground, and placed it on my mother. Her ear piercing scream filled the air. Followed closely by the painful crack of my mothers skull. This dream has been haunting my nights. I was 8 when she was murdered. I have had he same dream, every night since that day....... I will be 15 in two weeks!

If you like this please rate and i will do CHAPTER 2!! ;D

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21 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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