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Anakin Skywalker had gone from being a slave boy on Tatooine, to a ten-year-old hero destroying a spaceship in a dog fight, something which would go down in galactic history.

His great victory had earned him a place in the Jedi Order, as Padawan to Obi-Wan.

At first, Anakin thought that Jedi training was going to be no more than practicing how to use a lightsaber in battle, but that wasn’t the case. There was so much more to it than that.

He had to learn the Jedi Code, give up possessions, learn the differences between the light and dark sides of the Force, study the Jedi Archives, learn about the Sith as well as the Jedi, learn how to meditate and get to know the ways of the Force.

A big commitment it was for Anakin, yet he took it.

In spite of his great heroism and strength in the Force, Anakin lacked discipline, self-control and patience. However, he did start to make progress, but very slowly.

The thing, which he excelled in most, was being out in the field of battle – especially the field of battle.

Taking part in the dogfight against the Trade Federation above Naboo was just the beginning.

Anakin went off to numerous worlds to take part in many battles, along with Obi-Wan, who regarded him as family.

He achieved many heroic feats, sometimes on higher levels than any Jedi. Blowing up a Trade Federation star ship all by himself at the age of ten was amazing enough.

However, Anakin still carried within him emotional issues. Missing his mother, fear of losing her and longing to see Padme again were only a few.

He knew that it wasn’t the Jedi way, but those feelings clung to him very strongly, no matter how hard he tried to fight them. Because of that, he felt slightly apart from the rest of the Jedi Order, whom he regarded as a community and family.

Most of all, he wanted more than the life of any other Jedi, just as he had wanted more than a slave’s life. In fact, there was a small part of him that felt enslaved again, not so much by the Order, but by the rules of the Jedi code.

However, there was one person outside the Order, who Anakin looked upon as a great father figure, more so than Obi-Wan.

The person he turned to, was none other than Chancellor Palpatine.

Palpatine never criticized him, no. He gave him praise and encouragement in ways that the other Jedi never did.

At first, Anakin thought it very strange that Palpatine – a very powerful political figure regarded him with strong interest – too strong in fact. He questioned the matter to himself many times.

Furthermore, he was taught non-Jedi ways by the Chancellor, ways, which he believed would help him achieve what he wanted.

At times, Anakin looked upon the Chancellor as a better mentor than any Jedi.

The only other times when Anakin felt truly free, was out in the field of battle, flying especially.

Unfortunately, he had a very brash and cocky attitude, which he excelled in showing in front of Obi-Wan, especially when he felt over criticized.

Another thing, which Anakin excelled in, was deliberately defying the Council. That irked Obi-Wan by a very long way, not so much because of his attitude, but because his own Master Qui-Gon had been the same. He didn’t always see eye to eye with the Council.

However in spite of everything, the Jedi Order still had faith and confidence in him.

Then one day, a ten long year wish came true for Anakin. He met Padme again.

Though things didn’t quite go as expected and not long after, he ended up with Obi-Wan, chasing a sniper, who had twice tried to kill Padme.

Then came the moment when Anakin was ordered by the Council to protect Padme and go with her to Naboo. It was the very first assignment he was given and with no other Jedi present.

While on Naboo, the non-Jedi ways got the upper hand of Anakin when he first kissed Padme and expressed his feelings for her.

That night, he had a very vivid, consecutive dream about his mother suffering. His worse fears were being realized.

So Anakin went to his home world with Padme and got to know his step brother Owen and his partner Beru. While there he learned of his mother being abducted by Tusken Raiders.

Anakin then headed to the Tusken camp, where his worse fears were finally realized.

He entered one of the tents and found his badly tortured mother. He tried desperately to keep her alive, but she passed away.

At that moment, Anakin’s fears turned first to anger, then to hatred.

In one aggressive fit of rage, he slaughtered the entire camp. A most horrendous calamity, but not enough to send him straight to the dark side.

Anakin blamed himself for not being strong enough to save his mother.

However, his troubles were far from over, because he had to go off with Padme to Geonosis.

While on Geonosis, the pair of them, along with Obi-Wan and dozens of Jedi, ended up in battle against thousands of Trade Federation droids in a vast arena. Unfortunately, the battle turned out, well, one sided with only a few Jedi left standing, along with Padme.

All seemed lost, but Yoda came to the rescue with loads of Republic Clone troopers.

After that, Obi-Wan and Anakin went after Count Dooku, whom had been a spectator in the arena, while the fighting escalated into the first Clone War.

They chased him all the way to a hanger bay.

Anakin rushed in for the kill with sheer anger, hatred and overconfidence – expecting it to be a simple sword fight, but no.

Instead of drawing his lightsaber, Dooku attacked him with dark side lightning.

For a moment, Anakin lay singed and smoking on the hanger floor, while Obi-Wan and Dooku began to fight. But when his Master was about to be killed, he leapt back into action, blocking Dooku’s blade just in time.

Finally, he went into battle against Dooku, using two lightsabers. Unfortunately however, he lost an arm.

By then, Anakin and Obi-Wan thought that it was game over, but it wasn’t, for Yoda appeared on the scene again.

Dooku tried to illiminate Yoda with dark side lightning, but to no avail. He then tried to defeat him in a lightsaber dual, but still to no avail.

In the end, he got onboard his ship and left the hanger – right before Padme and some troopers arrived.

When Anakin was away from Geonosis, he escorted Padme to Naboo.

While there, he fulfilled a childhood dream. He married Padme.

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5 Apr, 2022
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