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Tatooine was a remote world, right out in the farthest reaches of the galaxy – a world stripped bare of water and tree land, as a result of very ancient geographical cataclysms.

Most of the inhabitants lived in mud settlements, strewn across Tatooine, which was taken over by the ruthless Hutts. The vile Hutts plunged the world into devastating slavery.

Many generations after the surface of Tatooine was changed, a boy was born – his name, Anakin Skywalker.

Only a few years after his birth, Anakin along with his mother, ended up being sold into slavery by the Hutts.

At a very early age, Anakin began to develop incredible skills. He learned how to race pods, foretell certain events and build things, which adults could – his droid C3-P0 and his racer being two examples.

What Anakin didn’t realize, was that the Force, which he knew next to nothing about, was guiding him with great strength.

Of course he had heard a lot of gossip about Jedi knights from visiting star pilots, but nothing of the Sith, let alone the dark and light aspects of the Force.

However, Anakin did have a very rare flare of hatred and anger, sometimes towards his pod racing rival Sebulba, those who pushed him too far, but most of all the slave masters. Never his mother though.

Anakin was unaware that his streak of anger and hatred was unlike that of anyone else around him. His anger and hatred welled straight up from the dark side of the Force, oh yes. Even at such a young age he was subconsciously being influenced by the dark side.

Besides all that, Anakin was a very ambitious person. He wanted more than a slave’s life. He wanted to be free – free to escape from Tatooine with his mum, but most of all, he wanted to become a Jedi, which seemed impossible, because of the position he was in.

Then one day, three people and a droid from off world came into Anakin’s life – Queen Padme Amidala and Jar Jar Binks the Gungan of Naboo, R2-D2 and Jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn.

At first sight of Padme, Anakin’s heart was pierced with one of Cupid’s arrows, though he didn’t realize she was a Queen. Then C3-P0 met R2-D2 for the very first time.

As for Qui-Gon, he barely knew Anakin when he picked up his strong connection with the Force. It was then that he began to suspect the boy to be the Chosen One.

From that moment, Qui-Gon knew that Anakin had to be trained in the ways of the Force, to become a Jedi, though it was going to be far from easy, seeing as the boy was a slave.

However, he did manage to free Anakin after his final pod race.

From that moment, Anakin’s opportunities came to light. He was going to become a Jedi.

However, he had doubts for a moment when Qui-Gon told him that he wasn’t able to free his mother.

In the end, Anakin decided to go for it, but letting go of his mother was going to be far from easy.

So off he went with Qui-Gon, without looking back.

Across the rough, arid terrain they went, until they reached the star cruiser, which the boy was going to travel off world in.

When they were metres from the ship, Darth Maul raced in on a speeder to attack Qui-Gon.

At Qui-Gon’s command, Anakin got on board the cruiser. He looked out the front and witnessed a real live lightsaber battle between the Jedi and the villainous Sith Lord. Fortunately, the former got away.

Once Qui-Gon was safely on board, he introduced Anakin to Obi-Wan Kenobi. An added bonus that was for the boy – meeting a Jedi apprentice as well as a Master.

When the cruiser was away from Tatooine, Anakin began to miss his mother and a sense of coldness came over him – not the coldness of space that Padme spoke of. It was the coldness of the dark side.

Eventually, after travelling all the way from Tatooine at the very edge of the galaxy, the cruiser reached the city planet of Coruscant near the very centre.

Anakin, who had lived all his life in a mud settlement, was absolutely overwhelmed by the surface of Coruscant with its tall skyscrapers and other dominant structures.

Countless hover vehicles were going back and forth at different heights and spaceships were landing and taking off.

All his life Anakin had wanted to travel to the stars, to visit other worlds, but he had never once questioned what their surfaces looked like. He knew nothing of things like deep blue oceans, trees, snow-capped peaks, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and grass plains. So when he set his eyes on the surface of Coruscant, well, it was totally beyond his comprehension.

Furthermore, there was a group of people, including Chancellor Valorum and Senator Palpatine standing on a landing platform, waiting for the star ship to land.

When the cruiser landed, Anakin stepped out for the first time on alien territory.

He expected Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to take him to be trained as a Jedi immediately, but things didn’t work like that.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan went off in one direction, while Anakin went off with Padme, Jar Jar and the political figures unknown to him.

It wasn’t long however until Anakin was taken to the Jedi temple and placed before the Council.

The members of the Council could see right inside the boy. They sensed his anger, hatred and fear of losing his mother.

What was more, Anakin felt the same kind of coldness he had felt on the cruiser, while travelling to Coruscant – the coldness of the dark side.

It was all bad enough for the boy, but when Mace Windu denied Qui-Gon the permission to train him, well that was worse, by a very long way.

Anakin’s heart plummeted like a stone. His dream of becoming a Jedi was completely shattered.

However, his thoughts were side tracked when he got tied in with the battle against the Trade Federation on Naboo.

While making peace with the Gungans, Padme revealed herself as the true Queen of Naboo.

Anakin was taken right aback. The girl, who he had fallen in love with and wanted to marry, was a Queen, but that didn’t change his feelings for her.

However, his thoughts were side tracked again when all the fighting began – especially when he ended up in a space battle with R2.

During the dog fight, Anakin destroyed the Trade Federation control ship – resulting in all the battle droids shutting down and the fighting coming to an end.

A most heroic feat, which took everyone by surprise, including the members of the Jedi Council.

Anakin Skywalker – a ten-year-old boy, exceptionally strong in the Force, went into an outer space dog fight with no one, but a droid and destroyed an entire spaceship.

Never had such a thing been done in the entire history of the Jedi.

When Anakin returned to Naboo, he learned of Qui-Gon’s downfall at the hand of Darth Maul.

It meant that the Jedi knight was no longer around to train Anakin.

However, the Council had a change of heart about allowing the boy to be trained.

Furthermore, Obi-Wan persuaded Yoda to allow him to take Anakin on as an apprentice.

Now the stage was set for Anakin’s Jedi training.

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