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By brokenheart123 - 1 Review

I awake to a scream. one i can still hear to this day. the kind of scream you see in movies, but never truely hear. i imediatly jump out of bed frightened at the pain someone put into that scream. as i slowly walk down the hall, i hear some noises. almost as if someone was fighting for their last breath. when i arrive at my sisters door, i slowly get the courage to look at what was going on. there was a dark figure close to where my sister was laying. he had his back towards me. a liquid coats the wall, an a scent surrounds the room. the man is breathing heavy...but what about my sister? she hadn't made a noise since i entered the doorway. was she even breathing? my sisters tv was still on, as i looked around, the light from the screen showed me the crime scene. blood was everywhere. it look as though i was living a nightmare, one you can only see on tv. the dark figure began to turn around, so i left his view. as soon as i heard him jump out the window, i ran an turned on the bedroom light. it looked as though my sisters room was a slaughterhouse. i ran to my parents bedroom..only to find them dead as well. as i reached for the phone, i felt a tap on the shoulder. frightened, i turned around, an that's when the knife pierced my lung. i awake to loud talking an unknown noises. when i opened my eyes i didn't know what to believe. was i in heaven? was it all a dream?

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27 Nov, 2011

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