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Small Foot Bone

Small Foot Bone

By kpw37up


Chelas Kelly had just transferred to Oxford, Utah as an investigator from Henderson, Maryland. She decide it was time for a change after gowning up in Henderson and moving to Oxford, Utah would offer her a chance to widen her skills as an investigated. She had no family ties to her home town after her parents was killed by a drunk driver at an early age and later lived with her grandmother who has past recently from a long term illness. There where no family or very close friends and only her job associates at the precient she had work for almost ten years.

Fortunately, Chelas had developed an unmanned sense as an investigator and was very good in solving many cases whereas other colleagues’ had overlooked the smallest of evidence. She had sharp abilities in looking right at the least object that seems to carry no clue to what had happen at the crime scene but the end results had help her to solve the many cases.

After settling in Oxford, she notices this was a medium size town but still there was serious crime on the west coast as well as the east coast. As she
became familiar with her new environment she discover that their was and unsolved case of a missing child age 10 who was never found and now five years later with no new evidence.

Chelas ask her supervisor if she could work on this old case in her spare time to see if she could find any new evidence into solving the case and his reply was positive and she began using her unique skills in trying to solve the missing girl case.

Later Chelas went to the old farm house where their was an extensive search and as she venture into the house she notice their was a small decaying opening that was once a boarded up basement and she further preceding into the basement which she shone her flashlight around some old pipes in the basement. Chelas could feel the little girl Carolyn crying out to her for help
For a final closer to her mother. She began to shine her light behind the old
furnace and their she notice a tiny opening that Chelas was able to squeezed her petit body through and on that unfaithful day she began pushing through the door she shone her light on little Carolyn Anderson Skelton and the
Her small left foot was caught in an animal trap were she had cried out
In agony and died and no one heard her cry.

Chelas just stood there and weep for little Carolyn Anderson who had suffered so much pain and agony trying to get out of the trap and no one heard her cry for help. She immediately telephoned the police department and Carolyn Anderson was identified. Later the old farm house was torn down so that no other small children would wonder into the abandon

Chelsea’s captain was enthralled with her success in solving the old case that he allowed her to start re-investigating others and she was also promoted to a special unit of unsolved cases.

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About This Story
10 Jan, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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