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By Kate

The bitter air stung Laura as she crossed the street. Her eyes burnt from the bitter cold ice crystals as they hit her eyes. Laura shivered as she hurried into her car to drive home. The stars were covered by a thick black velvet blanket of clouds. The air absolutely shimmered with the frost. The car barely started and she got on the highway to drive home. The cold burned.

She made it home 30 minutes later to a dark empty old house. The house was old, 100 years old to be exact and the furnace started with a creak. Outside the snow fell in a blanket of whirling white fury. Like an animal screaming in the darkness. Laura warmed herself some hot chocolate and sat near a fire staring at her blank cell phone.

The phone had no internet service and the television also wasn't working nor was the radio. The last thing on the news was about the giant solar flare and the crack in the electromagnetic field. The house shook with the wind. More than the storm there was a wildness to the darkness. A fearsome quality that shook the house and Laura to the core.

Finally at one in the morning the snow stopped falling. Laura fast asleep didn't notice as the blue lines appeared through the house and on the very earth itself. Lines that melted through time and space cutting a path for traveling. The lines moved in patterns and the earth shook hard. Finally Laura woke up and saw the blue lines cutting through the house. Walking in a daze she followed the lines.

Outside where the wilderness touched the horizon the lines intersected and glowed. The thick cold air burned and Laura walked to the treeline. In the back of her mind the question brewed "is this a good idea?"

There on the lines she thought she saw thick shadows. Only shadows until she moved onto the lines and suddenly the shadows gained substance with her losing substance. Could she step into the places where the shadows weren't shadows a step across the dimensions that held time flowing together in sequence? A look back at the house that had vanished into a violent storm. Time burning and flowing altogether? Like one river you don't see the bottom from the top but it's all one river. So Laura rushed through the darkness and storm.

Standing in a crystal clear pasture at one am in the morning Laura walked back to where the house should be and instead found a copse of trees. The past? As it turned out it was actually a time not yet there. A place of endless possibility utterly undiscovered.

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5 Nov, 2016
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2 mins
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