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So-Called Friends

So-Called Friends

By unlucky713

When I was little I had a best friend. Her name was Paige. We were attached at the hip. From the first time we met in preschool we were best friends. In the fourth grade we were still close... but then her dad was found dead on the sofa at home. Paige's mom then packed up the house, Paige and her two little sisters and moved. The last thing I said to Paige was see you tomorrow. I haven't seen her since other than pictures online.
After Paige left I still had a group of friends that were close. We had just had a new girl named Madison move to town and she was just like a Paige replacement with her two little sisters. We became best friends and were then joined by Rose and Alice. We hung out all the time because we were the smartest girls in our grade. They were my best friends that I relied on.
But over the next Rose and Alice split off on their own and left me and Madison. And then the next thing I know Madison has found a different girl to hang out with. After Rose and Alice left Madison thought she could only have one friend.
I was then left to hang out with the group of people that had no other friends. But I was at the age where I didn't care how much money people had, or how popular they were. I only wanted someone to hang out with.
When the sixth grade started the girls in my class started to change. They wore makeup and started to like boys. And all of my old friends started to be my friends again. For the rest of that year Madison, Alice, Rose and I were best friends again and everyone wanted to be our friends. Then summer vacation happened.
Over the summer my group of friends lost contact. All but Madison and Me though. At the start of seventh grade I thought everything was going great. I had a friend and Jr. High would be great.
And on the first day I was alone.
Over the summer without me knowing it Madison had made other friends in other towns that she thought were better than me. So I let her be and left to go hang out with someone that would have me. And there was a perfect girl. Lilly. She was shy, and had a big group of friends. They let me join them like I always belonged there.
Seventh grade went by and I had almost forgotten about Madison... But at lunch I would see her sitting with the group of loud laughers (the popular kids). She had boys lining up to be her "boyfriend". And then I learned I was placed in a room with her and Alice on our week long trip to Washington D.C.
I was ecstatic. I thought that I would finally get to have fun with her again. But when we got to D.C. I no longer existed. Alice was the only person that she would hang out with. I could follow behind them and act like I was part of their group but everything I said was ignored or replied with "That's dumb" from Alice. Madison thought that was hilarious. My mom didn't.
When we got back from D.C. I spent the rest of the summer alone until I found Will. (read story of Will in "The Rumors") The start of the eighth grade was amazing. I had a wonderful boyfriend who was my best friend too. But then I noticed Madison sitting at a table with only one other girl with her. Me trying to be a nice old friend sat down next to them. It was like I was the missing third muscateer. I learned the girl's name. Wendy. And we hooked.
But after a while Madison learned that we didn't have as much in common as we used to and that she had a lot in common with Wendy. So I was out. But I refused to leave. I tried my hardest to make things in common so that I could still be their friend. And it worked... for the rest of the year...
The summer between eighth grade and freshman year came and Madison found Sophie, and she picked fights with Wendy. I was still her friend but I was also still friends with Wendy. Some days I would eat lunch at school with Madison but other days I would eat with Wendy.
After a while of me bouncing back and forth between them Madison was overheard by my older sister saying she was tired of being second to Wendy on my friend scale. My sister being nice told me this. And I went to Madison about it. She then denies it to my face.
I leave.
For the next few weeks I didn't talk to her, I didn't look at her. I hung out with Wendy.
Then one day I came to school to find Madison and Wendy sitting next to each other laughing. They had made up and were best friends again. And I was pushed to the back of the friend priority list. Like I no longer existed.
This all happened up until the day I'm typing this. It's semester break and Madison and Sophie and best friends and barely include Wendy in anything and include me in even less. Most of the time it's only for things if Wendy or Sophie are busy.
Hopefully over the next semester I can get one of my friends back or I don't know what will happen to me...

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23 Dec, 2011
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