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Soccer game

Soccer game

By 821077121230

It was the day of a soccer game and my friend and i were on the same team and we were passing the ball to each other then we were wso close to the goal so i kicked it and it hit a guy right in the nuts and he cryed like there was no tommorrow i laughed so hard as if there was no tommorrow hahaha so then the reff did a 2 min timeout and check if the kid was okay and apperenty not because they called the ambulence and he went to the hospital. Then the game went on but rigjht after the game the oposing teams coach came to me and started cussing me out like i was an adult and he said i needed to be careful and such so then i was like ok and then my coach came over and started to cuss the other coach it was like a commedy tv show lol then it was over and every one went home.:) Oh yea and we won the game!!!:D

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4 Dec, 2011
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