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By RosePetal

Once there was a girl named Sofie who is 12, and a tommboy. She has no mom, because of a car accident on the way to her soccer game. She has an older sister. But she is only a half sister who is very mean to her. She says that its her fault their mom died. But all Sofie can do is listen, listen to all her sister Cara has to say. Also listen to the emptiness of her thoughts. She was about to talk back, but she realized it wasn't worth it. So she locked herself in her room, and turned up her radio. She just waited till her dad was home to take her to her soccer game at six o'clock. Her dad was a designer of logos for starter companies. So drawing was not any supprise talent for her. But singing was. She could sing so beautifully that Cara was jealous enough to crush her spirit, and say "She could never sing if her life depended on it." So she never sang in front of anyone. Her mom was always enjoyed her singing so she never stopped all together, but she would never sing to anyone.

Author Notes: This is just a small part. If people like my writting then I'll will put more.

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29 Jul, 2013
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