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A Soldiers Heart
A Soldiers Heart

A Soldiers Heart


The soldier wakes from his slumber in his platoons shelter, the wind outside blowing hard as groups of trucks pull up nearby. Groups of men charge out running to several shelters where the recruits slept nights after training. The door slams open as a whislte is blown in the room waking up the rest of the soldiers, a man could be heard screaming "Alright Men! Get your Asses out of bed and into your gear we got enemies coming over the hill come on!" He puts on his boots as his platoon rushes out into the trucks rifle's in hand. The soldiers name is Ivan Petrov a former recruit of the Soviet Army but enlisted due to the break out of war between Germany and The Soviet Union during World War 2.

Ivan rushes outside and hops on the moving truck with his platoon as gun fire draws near, planes fly over head as gun fire draws ever so near to Ivan. Ivan arrives with his platoon off at the nearby frontlines a Soviet Officer would be yelling into a megaphone saying "GO COMRADES GO! SERVE YOUR MOTHERLAND PROUD URAH URAHH NO FEAR!!" Ivan could feel sweat drip down his face as he followed his platoon to the first Trench beginning to rush, Ivan could see tanks firing as the gun fire was right next to him, explosions would occur nearby hearing his fellow comrades die. The Soviet Officer would yell "CHARGE MEN NOW CHARGE!!" Ivan would scream as he ran toward the enemy, gun fire and bullets would be heard wizz by nearly being hit by several bullets, Ivan seeing his comrades be shot side by side as he ran towards the enemies trench. Ivan seeing enemies in sight aimed his PPSh-41 at the german soldier opening fire.

Ivan and his comrades would take the enemy trench charging forward as tanks rushed by chasing down the enemy rushing them into the local town as bombs dropped as Ivan ran on foot. The sound of gun fire would never end in Ivan's mind as he ran with his comrades. They'd rush into a local home and reload, Ivan would say to his platoon "I don't know about you but, I think that charge was a bit much we lost a lot of men back there-" before Ivan could finish one of his group would pipe up saying "War isn't fair son, no matter what you do or say people won't play by the rules." Ivan would nod as he reloaded his PPSh-41. All of a sudden they would hear something hit the floor, Ivan would look underneath a table. A explosion would go off knocking Ivan to the ground as German voices drew closer as gun fire consumed the room. Ivan would fall unconcious.

Ivan would awake to a woman in a kitchen as he layed on what seemed to be a make shift bed. Ivan would see his pistol in the corner, the woman would have pictures of Adolf Hitler. Ivan would grit his teeth as he looked down at his chest that had been hit with debris, the woman would be singing a soft german tune. Ivan would sneak out of the bed and would grab his pistol aiming it at her, Ivan would say "Where am I? You speak Russian?" the woman would turn around slowly putting her hands up. She would be beautiful and Ivan would stop aiming the gun at her. Ivan would then say "I..Uhm... Sorry. You speak Russian?" Ivan would point to the Soviet Hammer and sickle on his engraved weapon. The woman would nod saying "I speak little Russian, not good at it." Ivan would holster his weapon holding onto his chest in pain.

The woman would urge him to lay down and he did, Ivan would ask "What's your name?" the woman would respond saying "Gretta.." Ivan would say "The names Ivan Petrov, I serve The Soviet Union." The lady would nod as she rubbed his chest calmly easing the pain. Ivan would say "You got family?" Gretta would shake her head. Ivan would say "You don't have a husband or anything?" Gretta would frown saying "Husband in Army... Husband not coming home." Ivan would frown a little saying "Sorry.."

Two days would pass for Ivan and this woman Gretta, Ivan would care to keep her safe as Gretta grew attached to Ivan. Ivan would wake up in bed next to her hearing a low rumbling noise from outside, he would hop out of bed seeing down the road Soviet Tanks pulling up with Soviet Trucks with them. Ivan would wake Gretta saying "Gretta! Hide quickly!" Gretta would wake jumping out of bed hiding in a nearby closet. Two Soviet Soldiers would enter the house seeing Ivan. They would stare him down as Ivan dressed up in his uniform, one would ask "Do you serve The Soviet Union." Ivan would reply "For Priemer Joesph Stalin." The soldiers would nod as a Soviet Officer walked in the home with a group of two other Soldiers. The Soviet Officer would clear his throat before saying "Ivan Petrov, you are hearby under arrest for deserstion in times of war against Nazi Germany, you will be executed for your crimes. Ivan's eyes would light up as he went stiff. The Soviet Officer would aim a gun at Ivan's head, just as the Officer did that Gretta would rush out of the closet hugging Ivan. The Soviet Officer would stop aiming the pistol at Ivan and would say "Who the hell is this." The Officer would have two men drag her outside with Ivan. They would force her onto her knee's aiming the weapon at her forhead, Ivan would grow cold as tears would drip down his face. The Soviet Officer would pull the trigger killing Gretta, Ivan would weep uncontrollably. The Soviet Officer would walk over placing the gun against the back of his head saying "Ivan Petrov, you have betrayed the Soviet Union and it's people. Your punishment is death by execution." Ivan would close his eyes as tears went down his face. A gun shot would be heard, Ivan Petrov would be no more.

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About This Story
4 Nov, 2020
Read Time
5 mins
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