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A Soldier’s Story
A Soldier’s Story

A Soldier’s Story


I pulled my collar and picked up my bag, bidding you good bye. Saying my promise that I will come back soon, pulling you and our daughter into a brief hug and sealing it with a kiss. I could see the tears running down your cheeks and our daughter trying to go after me. I stayed strong knowing that it will all be over soon. As the bus arrived to pick me up, I took one last look at our house, shedding a single tear before going inside. For the whole trip I stayed silent thinking of my family, my wife, my daughter, and my promise, to come back home.

As we arrived at our destination, it was what we had expected, it was horrifying, we could see planes, bombs and dead bodies everywhere. Life there was not easy. We had limited communication and dangerous attacks from our enemies. I would always call you when I had the chance, I would always ask how you and our daughter were doing. Hearing that you were fine made me happy, I felt the stress go away. Sometimes, I would stay up at night thinking about your smile, praying for your safety, and guidance from the Lord.

The following morning, I woke up from hearing explosions outside my tent. As I peeked outside my tent, I saw the enemies’ aircrafts and some of my comrades injured, some of them dead. As I went closer, my face grimaced I saw my best friend’s body lifelessly lying on the ground and a pool of blood surrounding him “Marcus! Marcus!” I shook him again and again, not knowing that I was already crying.

I felt my vision blur and my body slowly passing out after they pulled me away from him. How could this be? , Is this a dream? Thoughts clouded my mind as I lay unconscious. I woke up inside one of our general-purpose tents.

“What am I doing here?” I asked the medic

“You passed out, your comrades brought you here.” He simply stated

I stayed quiet and closed my eyes, slowly remembering what happened, the scene was still fresh in my mind. I stood up and thanked the medic before walking out, heading towards my tent. The following days I focused myself on doing the mission and my family. Losing a friend was not easy for me, but I needed to move forward knowing that I could never change the past even if I wanted to.

The following day after that, we were informed that we had to engage to battle. We prepared our weapons, guns and bombs. We spent the spare time catching up with our comrades, taking time to ease our thoughts of what might happen to us in battle. Sunset came, we bid our fellow comrades good night and proceeded to our own tents. I couldn’t sleep, staring at the ceiling, I kept thinking about my wife, my daughter, and my promise. I never thought of anything else, but you and the fear of never coming back, tears streamed down my cheeks as the thought appeared in my mind. As I was starting to get tired, I slowly closed my eyes and proceeded to go to sleep.

As sunrise came, we woke up, got ready, and went to our base. Before going to battle, we were given a brief moment to listen to our general, about serving our country and saving lives, and more importantly, returning home safely. I looked at our picture, beautifully captured, before setting it aside and placing it inside my pocket.

As we loaded the last bag, we got on the bus and took a seat. The driver started the bus and took off, the whole trip was silent, except for the rumbling of the engine and the bombs that were dropped by the enemies. As we arrived in Afghanistan, the battle was horrifying, gunshots could be heard everywhere, blood could be seen splattered everywhere. As we unloaded the bus, terrorists started to fire bullets at us, we took cover behind a wall. We started to fire back, throwing grenades when we had the chance. "Keep your head down and your weapon up." Our commanding officer stated. I aimed at my target, pulling the trigger, I shot him in the head, his blood splattered across the wall he was hiding behind.

As our enemies slowly stopped firing at us, we slowly moved forward. When we thought we had the chance of winning, a bomb was thrown at us, causing me and my fellow comrades to fall back. Terrorists around us started to grow in number, we were surrounded, we went into the nearest abandoned building to avoid their attacks. We hid inside the building, our troops scattered from one another, praying for protection. I saw my fellow comrades get killed before my eyes as I hid under a table, I feared that I would be next, I wanted to run. As I thought the coast was clear, I moved out of my hiding place. We heard our commanding officer talk to us through the radio, “We have our targets in the building, we’re blowing it up in T-minus 5:00”

I carefully got past the enemy and when I saw the light that could lead me to safety, I ran towards it, not caring about anything else, knowing that I can and I will survive to see my family. I felt my heart beat with excitement as I ran past those doors.

As I neared the exit I heard a gunshot from behind me, a cold, sharp pain pierce through my chest, I turned around in curiosity and saw a terrorist holding a gun, snickering at me. I fell on the ground clutching my chest, enduring the agonizing pain I felt. I knew that I had no chance in surviving, considering the fact that I was losing much blood and I am in the building. Thoughts clouded my mind, memories were flashed.

I remembered your smile, your loving gaze, your warm embrace. I pulled out the picture and took one last look at it. I remembered the promise I gave to you before I left, and the thought of me failing to keep it. I lay there peacefully, as the building exploded, I lay inside, peacefully, I smiled, a tear rolled down my cheek as I say my last words “I’m sorry, I love you, and good bye”

Author Notes: Hi, I'm sorry if my story is not great, this is my first time writing something like this. I'm using this for my project. I'm still 13. please let me know what you think and comment it below. Thank you...

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6 Nov, 2017
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