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Solid Door
Solid Door

Solid Door


I stepped through the solid door of my quiet place, and silently tiptoed my way down the long echoing steps. I didn’t look back, I continued going further and deeper down into the depths of my consciousness. I couldn’t go back, as I stepped down through the thick fog that warmingly greeted me back. My footsteps echoed through the never ending pit that held me, that comforted me. I wouldn’t face the outside world, if all it did was batter and bruise my brain. I wouldn’t last much longer anyway. The haunting images of the ever pointing fingers, sat in the centre of my mind, Thick and annoying. The laughs were there too right beside it as I was shown the image of my naked body, being sent through the deep oceans of the internet. I curled up in a tight ball, my hands pressing against my ears as the comments rip me apart from my inside out.

The solid door, bacons for me to go out, I try but I'm weighted down. It tells me to forget, to try climb back up through the icy depths of this lonely land, I take my first step. It tells me to have to courage to walk back through the solid door, close it behind me and leave my quiet place.

Author Notes: Another Quiet Place story. Any sort of comment is welcome. Thankyou for reading.

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19 Aug, 2018
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1 min
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